10 players who are ready to finish their career in the national team after Euro-2016


For someone Euro-2016 will be the first large tournament in career, and someone will put in France the end in performances for national team. Some players have already declared withdrawal from a national team after the European championship, some still deliberate. We bring to your attention top-10 football players who are ready to say goodbye to the national team.

Ending thier career Kim Chelstryom

The former halfback of “Spartak” has officially declared withdrawal from Sweden national team after finish of Euro-2016. “I feel that I am ready to finish the international career after a large tournament. Of course, it was the difficult decision and one of the most important taken by me for all life in football”, – 33-year-old Chelstryom admitted in his recent interview to the Swedish mass media. Kim debuted in a national team in 2001, has played for it 127 matches and has scored 16 goals. By the number of games for the national team he concedes only to Andres Svensson, Thomas Ravelli, Andreas Isaksson. Chelstryom has spent a good season in “Grasskhopper”, was among the best assistants to the championship of Switzerland, and for Euro-2016 his transfer for Zlatan Ibrahimovic from depth of the field or from standards will become one of the main weapon of Swedes.

Lukas Podolski

“The European championship will become my last large tournament. I have already achieved a main goal, having won the World Cup. Nobody will be able to take away this title from me. I am dreaming that my son will too win once the World Cup final”, – these words belong to the player of German national team Lukash Podolski. Practically 31-year-old winner of the WC-2014 will leave the national team after ending of the European championship too.

Podolski has for the first time played for the national team in 2004, and has played for it total 127 matches and has scored 48 goals. By the number of games only Lothar Mattheus and Miroslav Klose, by the number of the goals – Klose and Gerd Müller are ahead of him. The season “Galatasaray” Podolski has finished with a victory in the Cup of Turkey in which final the German has scored the only goal.

Andrea Barzagli

The defender Barzagli in Italian national team, as well as Podolski in the German team, wasn’t a firm basic player during the selection cycle Euro-2016. Nevertheless leaving the national team of such large figures couldn’t remain imperceptible. The winner of World Cup 2006 and the finalist of Euro-2012 is ready to concentrate only on performances for “Juventus” with which he has prolonged the contract till summer 2018. “I will leave Italian national team after the European championship. It will be correct to give chance to young players”, – last October Barzagli has told. Andrea protected “skuadra of an adzurr” colors since 2004, has participated in 55 matches. To him also is what to remember and what to be proud of.

Darijo Srna

To present Croatian national team without Srna is as difficult as still it was some time ago heavy to imagine it without goalkeeper Stipe Pletikosa. But also the 34-year-old defender of “Shachter” is going to put the end to Euro-2016. “It is my last tournament with the national team. I want to reach something big with a national team, and then to concentrate on the performances for the Donetsk team”, – Srna in March has told. Darío debuted in the Croatian national team in 2002, on his account are 129 matches and 21 goals. He is the leader in the number of matches for “checkered” and concedes in the list of snipers only to Davor Suker and Eduardo da Silve. By the way, besides Srna was going to leave the national team after Euro-2016 also the forward Ivica Oliç, but ex-“soldier” wasn’t included in the application form of Croats so it was necessary for him to leave earlier.

Eydur Gudyonsen

The veteran of the national team of Iceland in November 2013 on emotions has declared farewell to a national team after its loss to Croatia in butt matches of the selection cycle WC-2014. However Ihe stayed for three years. To Euro-2016 Gudyonsen has played in qualification three times, has scored one goal in gate of Kazakhstan and now will make dream true – will play with the national team on a large tournament. After the European championship the forward of Norwegian “Molde” can leave with quiet soul. Gudyonsen has begun career in the national team of Iceland in 1996, that is exactly 20 years ago! He has played for it 84 matches and has scored 25 goals. He is the top scorer of Icelanders, and by the number of the carried games enters into thetop-3leaders. His role in today’s national team can’t simply be overestimated.

Thinking about leaving Petr Cech

The long-term main goalkeeper of Czech Republic national team debuting in a national team in 2002 admitted recently that he thinks of leaving it. “At the time of the European championship I will already be 34 years old. Of course, it is time when it is worth thinking of it. In one of days I have thought: whether it is time to finish after 14 years for myself this piece in career”, – Cech in recent interview has told. According to Pyotr, it will allow him to keep more forces for performances for London “Arsenal”. Cech is the leader of the national team in the number of matches,he has played in her t-shirt 119 times, having broken the other day Carel Poborsky’s record. Certainly, for Euro-2016 the team as always will have a special hope for the goalkeeper, and then it is necessary to look for worthy change.

James Milner

The halfback of “Liverpool” reflects on stopping after Euro-2016 too. Milner has for the first time played for English national team in 2009, and in total amount has played for her 59 matches and has scored one goal. “I so far definitely don’t know. Each choice has pluses and minuses, and it is quite possible that I will be criticized for any decision. I will talk to the trainer at the beginning of the next season. I just don’t want to go with team, without putting anything in game. I don’t want to be the good tourist”, – 30-year-old Milner has reported about motivation of the arising desire to leave English national team. Really, Roy Hodgson doesn’t see a key figure in James, Milner only four times got to a basis during qualification of Euro-2016, and twice it was in matches through passage games with San Marino.

Anatoly Tymoschuk

For 37-year-old Tymoschuk Euro-2016 almost for certain will become the last large tournament as a part of the national team of Ukraine. “After the European championship I don’t exclude option with finishing the career in a national team in which I have played 16 years”, – the basic halfback of “Kayrat” admitted in April. The age prevails. In a selection cycle Anatoly has got to a basis only twice, having played from first minutes with Luxembourg and Spain. In total on his account there are 142 games and two goals for the national team, it is a champion of a national team by the number of the played matches. Tymoschuk is the champion of Ukraine, Russia and Germany, and now his main goal besides participation in the European championship — to fill up the collection with gold medals of the Kazakh league.

Robbie Kean

The legendary forwarder of the national team of Ireland, the speaker nowadays in the American MS for “Los Angeles Galaxy”, is dreaming of beautiful ending of career in a national team by successful game for Euro-2016. Kean debuted as a part of Irish in 1998, has played till this day 143 matches and has scored 67 goals. He the best in the national team both by the number of matches, and by quantity of the scored goals. Here only the other day Robbie has received injury at one of the trainings of a national team. Now participation of the 35-year-old forwarder in the European championship is questionable. Will he want such final of career in the national team or will he try to hold on to the World Cup in Russia if he will not be included in the application form for Euro-2016?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Magnificent Zlatan is unpredictable. In March he has dumbfounded with the unexpected answer to a question concerning the future after parting with “PSG”: “Can occur anything. Even the most inconceivable can’t be excluded. Perhaps, in general I will finish career. I would like to leave at peak of the form”, – Ibrahimovic has told. Naturally, theend of a playing career means also withdrawal from Sweden national team which goals of the forwarder in butt matches with Denmark have brought to Euro-2016. However, too seriously you shouldn’t treat these words of Zlatan, probably, after all. Demand for the 34-year-old master in Europe, Asia and America is painfully big. Ibrahimovic has begun performances for Sweden national team in 2001, has played for it 112 matches and has scored 62 goals. He is the best sniper in its history, he is more than just one of the players in the field.

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