10 stars of Euro-2016 who have already changed the clubs this summer

10 stars of Euro-2016 who have already changed the clubs this summer

Transfers are always hotly discussed and, especially, after the Euro-2016. Some of the participants of the Euro-2016 who became the heroes of definite matches or the entire tournament have already changes their clubs in current pre-season. We present 10 top of the most interesting and expensive one.


From where to where: from “Fenerbahce” to “Valencia”

Transfer fee: 8,5 million euro

If someone has forgotten about the former football player of “Manchester United” because of that two seasons that he had spent in Lisbon “Sporting” and “Fenerbahce”, we can tell that Nani had made to remember him. Attacking midfielder had won the Championship of Europe with the national team of Portugal, having joined the list of best strikers of the tournament with three goals. Now Nani is returning to top league. On 5th of July one day before the semifinal with Wales, his transfer was confirmed by “Valencia”. The Spanish club has paid “Fenerbahce” for 29 years old fresher 8,5 million euro. Nani has signed with “Valencia” three-years contract.

Kamil Glik

From where to where: from “Torino” to “Monako”

Transfer fee: 11 million euro

The national team of Poland on Euro-2016 has missed only two goals and that is thanks in large part to reliable stopper Glik. Just after the Polish national team has left the tournament, having lost in penalty shootout to Portugal, “Monako” officially informed about the transfer of Kamil. Monegasques have paid for 28years old stopper a solid sum of money – 11 million euro. Glik has signed with “Monako” the contract for 4 seasons. It is interesting that among the claimers for the football player was “Zenit”, but Glik preferred to play for French League 1.

Raphael Guerreiro

From where to where: from “Lorient” to “Borussia”D

Transfer fee: 12 million euro

Guerreiro is another one new champion of Europe who has changed the club team in pre-season. His bright game on Euro-2016 as attacking left guard with the national team of Portugal undoubtedly would increase his transfer fee, if Dortmund “Borussia” and “Lorient” haven’t already agreed to arrange the transfer before the beginning of the tournament. But we can say, that 12 million euro is a good sum of money for the football player of defense. During the first days of Euro-2016 Dortmund club has announced the signing of 4-years contract with 22 year old Frenchman and trainee of “Caen”.

Graziano Pelle

From where to where: from “Southampton” to “Shandun Lunen”

Transfer fee: 15,25 million euro

The author of the goals to the gates of the national team of Belgium during the group stage in Spain in 1/8 final, is leaving Europe in order to continue his career in China. Two years before, “Southampton” had paid “Feyenoord” for Pelle 11 million euro and now will get from “Shandun Lunen” 15,25 million euro. It is hard to believe that it is possible to earn more on 30 years old football player. Two clubs have confirmed the deal the next day after the final of Euro-2016. According to the information of foreign mass media, Graziano for 2,5 years in China had earned 40 million euro! Only Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Hulk, Neymar, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic are earning more than Pelle.

Samuel Umtiti

From where to where: from “Lion” to “Barcelona”

Transfer fee: 25 million euro

Up to ¼ final of the Championship of Europe no one could even think that the stopper of “Lion” would be remembered by anyone. Umtiti, who had joined Euro-2016 because of the injuries of other French stoppers, was sitting in the dugout and was enjoying football only as a fan. But he had used his chance in 100%. He had played greatly the rest 3 matches of playoff and had shown the greatest accuracy of passes at the tournament – 95,4%. It is not surprising that “Barcelona” had paid for 22 years old fresher 25 million euro and marked out a claim for 5 years. The President of Catalonian club Josep Bartomeu had officially confirmed his transfer two days ago.

Alvaro Morata

From where to where: from “Juventus” to “Real”

Transfer fee: 30 million euro

The double to the gates of Turkey and the goal to the Croatians during the group stage made it possible to the striker of the national team of Spain to share the second line in the final top list of Euro-2016 strikers with Nani and some other football players. But Morata was not able to upset Italy during the playoff. But he did upset Italian “Juventus” having decided to return to “Real”. Madrilenians during Euro-2016 started to work over the question of buyback transaction of his 22 years old trainee. In 2014 “Real” had sold Alvaro to “Juventus” for 20 million euro and now gives 30 million euro. It sounds as if “Real” is not going to resell Morata to anyone though there are some very profitable proposals.

Renato Sanches

From where to where: from “Benfica” to “Bavaria”

Transfer fee: 35 million euro

18 years old Sanches is considered to be the youngest football player of the Championship of Europe. This is absolutely unbiased evaluation of Renato’s game

during the tournament in France. Inclusion of Sanches to the first XI for playoff has helped the national team of Portugal to gain more qualitative connection between defense and attack and to gain also gold medals. ‘Bavaria” on the eve of Euro 2016 has organized his transfer from ‘Benfica” for 35 million euro having signed the 5 years contract. It is possible that now Lisbon would gain more for Sanches but this transfer taking into account all bonuses can be higher more than twice.

Grzegorz Krychowiak

From where to where: from “Sevilla” to “PSG”

Transfer fee: 33,6 million euro

The key player of the national team of Poland on Euro 2016 except Glik is a defending midfielder Krychowiak. Thanks to the work of Grzegorz, Glik was feeling himself much calmer and the pair of forwarders Lewandowski-Milik was off-loaded. In general, the tournament in France has proved the class of the Pole from ‘Sevilla”. It is logical that Unai Emery having headed “PSG” immediately asked to buy Krychowiak. This purchase costed to the leader of League 1 great sum of money – 33,6 million euro. After the Euro-2016 ‘PSG” has declared about signing the 5years contract with the football player.

Mats Hummels

From where to where: from “Borussia” D to “Bavaria”

Transfer fee: 38 million euro

The worst actions during the matches on Euro-2016, from the point of view of defense, the national team of Germany had done without Hummels. At the meeting of the 1st round with the Ukraine, stopper was not playing in first XI because of medical causes and semifinal with France he had missed because of disqualification. With Mats, national team had not missed even one goal in a match – only penalty shootout from Italy. Hummels is the guard of a top class. This is a well-known fact in “Bavaria”, that has bought the player of the national team of Germany. The transfer was made before Euro-2016. Dortmund ‘Borussia” received 38 million euro. Hummels has signed the contract for 5 years.

Granit Xhaka

From where to where: from “Borussia” M to “Arsenal”

Transfer fee: 45 million euro

The national team of Switzerland had all chances to gain on the Euro-2016 more than 1/8 final match, that Switzerland had lost to Poland. With that, the game of Switzerland was build around the midfielder Xhaka. It is enough to say that averagely in one match Granit was creating 104,3 passes. Only German Toni Kroos had more. All important issues concerning his future the young 23 years old midfielder had solved before Euro-2016. ‘Arsenal” had paid for him to “Borussia” 45 million euro. The contract was signed for 4 seasons. Only transfer of Hulk from “Zenit” to “Shanghai-SIPG” was more expensive in this pre-season. On a twist of fate, the mishit of Xhaka from the “point” had turned to become a real defeat for Switzerland.

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