6 funniest moments of the world football that happened in 2017

6 funniest moments of the world football that happened in 2017

The most important thing is the ability to sell yourself and gain
some money.

promising French full back Theo Hernández has been pulled out by
Real Madrid from the neighbors from Atletico. He is very talented,
technical wing player and he is considered to be the future of the
French national team. These are the words they used to present him to
fans. All wanted to look at him at the field but the football player
has managed to surprise all during his own presentation. Theo
Hernández couldn’t juggle a ball in front of numerous fan audience
and all were rather astonished. He has just kicked a ball several
times and began to sign t-shirts of fans. There are also some
questions to Ousmane Dembélé after his presentation. The player who
is worth more than hundred million euros couldn’t kick a ball even a
few times.

Video replays have been tested on Chile

introduction of video replays couldn’t but provoke a lot of comical
episodes. Players haven’t got used yet that the decision of the
referee can be dramatically changed now. Chileans were the first to
suffer. They were playing against the national team of Cameroon in
frames of the Confederations Cups. In the middle of the first half
Alexis Sanchez has scored a goal, having caused explosion of emotions
and Chile started to celebrate by drinking a cup of tea. However all
this was interrupted by the referee who has cancelled that goal. And
absolutely opposite situation happened on the 90
minute. Eduardo Vargas has scored a goal but the side referee ran up
a flag. The forward was upset and his partner rushed to the gates and
the referee has pointed to a midfield. Eduardo Vargas had to try and
demonstrate happiness in two minutes after the goal was cancelled.

The red card doesn’t always mean removal

the funniest episode with the system of video replays has happened in
Germany recently. During the match Bayern – Eintracht Harm Osmers has
removed Marius Wolf because of a rough tackle against James
Rodríguez. The German full back was ruined and rambled to the
subtribune room. He was already sitting in a locker room and was
cursing the referee as he was informed that the referee, having
watched the episode once again has changed his decision. The red card
was replaced by the yellow one. Marius Wolf has quickly returned but
was really shocked. It is impossible to be sure of anything with
these video replays any more.

You don’t play? Earn a penalty at least!

will continue the theme of referees. The Portuguese referee has
kicked it up a notch, having awarded a penalty for a foul of the
substitute player. In a match of the second teams of Sporting and
Académica the football player who was warming up behind the gates
has touched a ball by his hand. The football ball has just flown
outside the borders of the field and has got into the hand of the
substitute player. Everything has happened on the border of penalty
area and the Portuguese referee, has awarded a penalty which, by the
way, has been scored.

The talented person is talented in everything

now it would be nice to remember a funny thing that is very close to
the activity of the Gambling&Sports portal. The 9
English division includes the football club Baldock Town which dares
to field the anchor of text broadcasting. In ten minutes till the end
of the meeting the broadcasting of online match on twitter was
interrupted by the message that the author of text broadcasting is
going to play as a substitute player and broadcasting was stopped.
What a lucky man!

Be healthy, Nicolai Müller

Top 6 is finished by an interesting and even moral event. But we
can’t say that it is funny. It is impossible to forget about it
either. The German Bundesliga has started, long hours of trainings
are behind. So the first official game, first round has begun.
Hamburg against Augsburg”. The forward of the Dinosaurs Nicolai
Müller has opened the score on the 10
minute and decided to slip on a lawn with his knees. That idea wasn’t
wise at all as the football player has torn crucial ligaments and at
the same moment the season has finished. The fate has laughed at
Müller we think. Only the fact that his goal in a match against
Augsburg remained winning can please Nicolai.


have to note a tendency to celebrate strangely each scored goal. We
all understand that the emotions are so hot but to pay such attention
to the buttocks of the player is an overshot. During the match of the
Champions League Diego Perotti has literally checked the prostate
gland of Stephan Kareem El Shaarawy and yesterday Kyle Walker has
paid special attention to the buttocks of Sterling. Rahim has been
spanked for a scored goal into the gates of Newcastle. The scored
goals can lead to terrible consequences, really!

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