8 models whose relationships with football are very serious

8 models whose relationships with football are very serious

Victoria Lopyreva

The holder of the title “Ms. Russia — 2003” is also the ambassador for the FIFA World Cup 2018. In 2015 she has got the award “Premier” for the best promotion of SOGAZ — the Championship of Russia 2014/15.

Tihana Nemćić

Tihana already has an experience of being in charge of the men’s football team — the former football player of Zagreb “Dinamo” was invited as the head coach of the football club “Victoria”. Prior this Tihana has trained women’s team U-17. The girl is also the famous top model, and in 2008 she became the finalist of the “Ms. Sport of Croatia”.

Milene Domingues

Milene Domingues is known due to several reasons. First, she is the Brazilian model, secondly, the football player of Brazilian national team and several Spanish teams, thirdly, the ex-wife of Ronaldo. Now Milene has finished her sport career, but continues to cast actively.

Laisa Andrioli

The goalkeeper of Brazilian national team and the football club “Internacional” became famous because of stunning photos for men magazines. Perhaps, she doesn’t shine on the field, but men are thrilled with her.

Josefine Öqvist

The football player of Sweden national team became the bronze prize-winner of the World Cup, but became famous not for it at all: after the match with the national team of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea the girl swapped a t-shirt with the fan. Also Josefine is participating in rather stunning photo shoot sessions.

Heather Mitts

The American football player has played for the national team of the USA over 100 matches, and in 2004, 2008 and 2012 she became the Olympic champion. In addition to a brilliant game Heather is actively engaged in casting for glossy magazines and was declared to be the most sexual football player of America.

Izabella Łukomska-Pyżalska

The Polish model became the president of the football club “Warta”. Prior to become the head of the club, the girl was casted for Playboy magazine. Izabella has promised to make free entrance for matches with participation of Warta, and also to attract the audience with free souvenirs and entertainments.

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