Ajax won in Turin and go into the Champions League semi-final!

Ajax won in Turin

Ajax Amsterdam continues to work wonders. Next to Real the Dutch club has knocked out Juventus, having go into the Champions League semi-final.

On Tuesday the first semifinalists of the Champions League were defined. Even before the start of the tournament Juventus was considered to be one of the main claimers for gaining the victory in the tournament, and residents of Turin were justifying this advance. In the quarterfinal impudent Ajax became their rival.

During the first meeting in Amsterdam the hosts looked great but they have gained only the draw 1:1. Thanks to this result Juventus seemed to be the favourite before the return match.

However, residents of Turin shouldn’t have forgotten about the fate of Real Madrid that won 1/8 finals in Amsterdam but was ruined on home ground was knocked out of the tournament.

Ajax has got serious problems in the debut. Mazraoui in fight against Dybala has sprained the leg, has spent the couple of minutes on the field, but then Daley Sinkgraven hs come to substitute him.

Considering that the Moroccan was paying in the starting line-up because of Tagliafico’s disqualification, we worried for guests’ defense. Despite this fact Dutches had no intentions to give up, be upset and took the initiative. Ajax was attacking with great pleasure and tried to find the chance ahead as they had nothing to lose.

Though Amsterdamers were active, the goal was scored by the residents of Turin. The hosts earned the corner and after Pjanić’s delovery defense of Ajax “has lost” Ronaldo. The Portuguese headed the goal. The referee of the match Clément Turpin had to watch this momemnt once again but he has signaled the goal.

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However Ajax wasn’t going to give up all the same and immediately has evened the score. After the long-ranger the ball got to Donny van de Beek who engaged Szczęsny mano a mano and beat him. By the way, the referee this time also relied on the video review.

In remaining time of the first half the hosts were slightly more active but no dangerous moments were created. Moreover, the guests were not sitting quitely either and tried to act more actively. Though they were not able to think of anything good in attack.

At the beginning of the second half Juventus could have got in very difficult situation. Pjanić has made a rude mistake in the center of the field and then the guests carried out the fast attack which has been finished by Ziyech.

However Szczęsny has managed to help his team. Soon the Pole did it again. This time Szczęsny in the beautiful jump saved his team after Donny van de Beek ‘s kick under the cross bar.

Surprisingly, but Juventus didn’t react. Moreover, Ajax continued to attack. At first after Tadić’s cross Pjanić has managed to break the pass on Ziyech at the last minute. However soon the stadium in Turin became silent.

After the corner performed by Schöne the full back of the guests de Ligt has beaten two rivals and scored the goal. Szczęsny was not able to save his team even in the jump. Thus, Juventus had a little more than 20 minutes to score 2 goals …

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At the same time Ajax didn’t sat down in defense and continued to act actively. Moreover, after Rugani’s mistake Neres could solve everything but his shot in the near corner was slightly inexact. Only after this the hosts at last has created the moment.

After Cancelo’s wing pass Ronaldo was not allowed to kick correctly but after the ricochet the ball was flying to the alignment. Fortunately for Amsterdamers, Onan has managed to save his team. Juventus had no more chances.

Thus, Ajax became the semifinalist of the Champions League. His rival will be Tottenham.

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