All judges can make mistakes! But in favour to “Oklahoma -City”

All judges can make mistakes! | Gambling&Sports

Even for career basketball fans who are looking after NBA since the middle of 1980th and who are used to different actions of the judges left without any punishment, huge revelation occurs when during the current play-of at the official website of the League very detailed reports having been published with final matches arbitrators’ reports.

Let the last couldn’t affect results in any way, but have instilled confidence in the fact that from now any miscalculation will be noticeable by judges, thereby having forced them to treat much more professionally the duties in the future. The judgment was validated the day before by the commission agent Adam Silver who has visited ESPN studio.

“Now matches are filmed by a number of cameras and it is possible to reconsider up and down every moment. There is a large number of various services for providing information to fans. In this situation we have no special choice. We try to be the most transparent in definition of that how true were key judicial decisions. Almost in 90% of cases of the judges make the correct decisions. It is clear, that I would like to see result in 100%, and they wish the same. But what we see from our reports – fans, however, anyway always understood this – human mistakes are part of a game. The best athletes in the world make mistakes. Coaches make mistakes. Judges make mistakes too. But you are mistaken if you think that they like to flash in headings in connection with the mistakes”, – Silver explains.

From now the detailed analyses of two last minutes of any match with video (provided that advantage of one of teams over another by the beginning of the specified time period didn’t make more than five points), it is possible to find with ease in appropriate section and to compare with own feelings. “Transparency is our main goal. And where as not in matches the destiny of which depends on one-two whistles, league can show it in any possible way. Starting withcoaches, players and representatives of teams and finishing by fans and journalists, all want to understand: the block-shot is put by rules or not, was it a travel and why in a definite situation such decision has been made. It seems to me, it reduces degree of discussion about an arbitrariness”, – the commission agent admits.

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