​Analysts have estimated the most probable pairs in 1/8 Champions League finals

Analysts have estimated the most probable pairs in 1/8 Champions League finals

Next Monday, on December the 12th, the drawing of 1/8 Champions League finals will take place. The Spanish analysts had worked to count probability of coincidence of these or those pairs, bearing in mind specific traits of the forthcoming drawing. Let’s us remind that at a stage of 1/8 finals the teams that had won first place at the group stage will be put into different baskets with the teams that had finished on the second places. At the same time at this stage the possibility of crossing the teams from one football federation is expelled.

The current winner of the Champions League Madrid Real has good chances to meet with English team – either Arsenal (21.74%), or Leicester (21.22%). The less probability of meeting has Real with Monaco (20.91%), Juventus (18.51%) and Napoli (17.62%).

The most probable rivals of Barcelona at the first stage of the playoffs are German Bayern (22.48%) and Bayer (21.65%). Also Catalans have chances to play with PSG (20.08%), Porto (17.28%) and Benfica (16.88%).

The most probable pair from all is potential matchup of Atletico and Manchester City (25.36). As for Sevilla, it has the greatest chances to meet in 1/8 finals of Champions League with Dortmund Borussia (24.62%).

Chances in 1/8 finals for the march Napoli and Porto (11.03%) are least probable

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