Atletico has stopped Bayern

Atletico has stopped Bayern

As a rule, there are not many matches with the super prefix in group stage of the Champions League and it is even more interesting when such matches still happen. On Wednesday in Madrid there had passed the remake of last year’s semi-final of tournament: “Atletico” hosted “Bayern. Recently, “Atletico” was not very successful in Spain, but this time the football players were very serious. There was even special interest for Russia to this match: this team is the rival of “Rostov”.

Teams from the very first minutes began to seek the fortune in attack, both teams were moving forward. The speed of match was impressive, and it was not necessary to wait for too long for the first scoring chance. On the 13th minute after Alcantara pass and Muller took it on, but Oblak made a great save. ” Los Colchoneros ” have tried to answer adequately, but defense of “Bayern” was strong enough to cope with all attempts of the rivals.

“Atletico” had the chance to score in the middle of first half. The ball came from Lewandowski at the back post from corner to Torres and he hit the post with a header. The forwarder has fallen and tried to shot, but defenders of “Bayern” were able to take it. In ten minutes till the end of first half ” Los Colchoneros ” have made the situation at Neuer’s post very excited. At first Torres shots from shooting area corner, but he has slipped at the last time and missed this great chance. However, they have scored! Griezmann drew in two defenders and played in Carrasco who met with Neuer. the Belgian overplayed Boetang and Alcantara and the ball flew in the far corner. Ball, having touched the bar, came into net.

“Bayern” could score almost straight away. Ribery got the ball in the penalty area passed it to Lewandowski, but the Pole could do nothing. However the ball came to the Frenchman again who shot but missed. As a result half time ended, and “Atletico” was the leader.

At the beginning of the second half “Bayern” had scoring chances from a corner. Muller was left uncontrolled at the corner of the shooting area, but he could only head wide from a tight angle anyhow. To tell the truth, the team saw most of the ball and fans were not pleased and started to whistle. At the same time defense of “Atletico” worked perfectly and didn’t allow the rival to make use of scoring chances.

Ancelotti was actively strengthening his squad by replacing the players, but “Atletico” still had the chance to score the second goal. Carrasko shot, and Neuer with great difficulty took it. All attacks of the German club were not sharp. At the end of the match “Atletico” had one more excellent chance to score the second goal when Vidal in the penalty area has clattered into Felipe Luís – stone wall pen. However Griezmann smashed it against the bar.

Just before the final whistle came, also Godin had missed. The Uruguayan got the ball in penalty area, but this ended in nothing. The match score has not changed any more. Thus, “Atletico” has managed to stop terrible “Bayern”. “Atletico” is going to visit Rostov-na-Don next round. What about “Bayern”, it will host “PSV”.

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