Balague: Ronaldo is able to rehabilitate himself till the match begins but this all is up to him

Ronaldo will take part in return match of 1/2 final

“According to the latest news about Cristiano Ronaldo it is known that he has declined the services of physiotherapist and doctors of “Real”. That proves the fact that the medical division of the club experiences the crisis. The Portuguese was feeling himself well during the last training session before the first match of the Champions league with ‘Manchester City” (0:0) on Tuesday. He was running and exercising as all were doing but during the last 10 minutes of the training session he started to feel the pain.

I think that he really has the rupture of thigh muscles and that is why he will try the treatment with stem cells that accelarate the process of recovery. This procedure will help him to recover by the time of a return match but his participation is still doubtful. In any case Ronaldo will make the decision to play or not against the ‘Manchester City” himself and Zidane has to accept his decision” – Sky Sports is quoting Balague.

As it was stated earlier, Cristiano Ronaldo was diagnosed with thigh muscle rupture but the football player was recovering after the trauma and has already started to do running exercises.

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