Barcelona remained the favorite

Barcelona remained the favorite

The fight between Lyon and Barcelona attracted certain interest. On paper Catalans seemed to be an obvious favorite. However the French during the group stage have managed to gain four points in matches with Manchester City. And that is why many experts expected that a real sensation can happen in this meeting.

Lyon is famous by ability to study the rival and by competing with playing teams. At the same time Les tisseurs didn’t use parking the bus against the Citizens. If to speak about the outcome of the match Lyon vs Barcelona, then the French have showed once again that top clubs aren’t so terrible to them.

Bruno Génésio has found what to oppose to the rival and his players were good in constraining the attacks of Catalans. More precisely, the guests attacked much and hit often but Barcelona had not so many real scoring chances. Nobody said that the Catalans have had any chances to get into the ¼ final beforehand.

However, Lyon wasn’t very impressive in attack. The Kids acted not so actively, as during the same meetings with Manchester City. In a way, Barcelona didn’t allow the rival to create anything. At the same time Lyon was working accurately and carefully. It was clear that the French had first of all a clear task not to miss any goal.

Lyon not to miss any goal

Final 0:0 in this match are of no use in terms of the prediction. Of course, Barcelona will be the obvious favorite on “Camp Nou”. For certain, Catalans will also overcome the small crisis in the month (and how to call 2 goals in 4 last matches?). So we are sure that Ernesto Valverde’s players will score on home ground.

Nevertheless, the probability of the sensation remains still quite high. In Barcelona Lyon will put at ease, more aggressively. The Kids won’t definitely focus so attentively on keeping their gates and will try to score. Only one goal will complicate the task of Barcelona twice.

And the fight of Catalans with Sevilla in frames of the Copa del Rey when the Andalusians were simply destroyed after the home victory 2:0 is fresh in memory. However such thing can’t repeat always. Besides, Lyon will go to Barcelona, remembering what can sometimes happen.

The match in France has a little bit raised the chances of Barcelona in the fight. However, insignificantly. Catalans have already been the favorite of the pair, their chances were estimated approximately as 70% for 30%. Now, probability has raised slightly – 75% for 25%.

Lyon will go to visit the rivals being confident

Nevertheless, Lyon will go to visit the rivals being confident about forces and with hope for the miracle. Though why miracle? The miracle had happened when Roma has destroyed Barcelona a year. Even the draw if it is productive will suit Lyon. Is it impossible? Ask Guardiola and he will laugh.

Barcelona wasn’t among top clubs have already solved the match outcome in the first match. Catalans are waited by hassle in the month. Valverde’s players, of course, remained obvious favorites but only on paper. The relegation will become great disappointment but you shouldn’t say with confidence that it won’t happen.

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