Bayern became the winner of DFL-Supercup

Bayern became the winner of DFL-Supercup

should note that on the way to a decisive meeting of the national
tournament the black and yellows in a semi-final have overplayed the
today’s rival. In general, for a long history of oppositions Bayern
had won twenty eight times over Borussia. On the other hand, in four
meetings of last season (two in frames of the championship, one in
frames of the Cup and one – the Supercup) victories were divided
equally. A year ago teams have also played with each other in frames
of the DFL-Supercup. Thanks to Vidal and Müller Munichites the team
won the trophy.

pair Müller – Lewandowski was the first that was seen. The first
has created the moment, the second played the winning game but hit
above a crossbar. During the counter attack Pulisic created the
moment himself, having taken away a ball in a midfield from Martinez
and being left all alone with the goalkeeper and easily overplayed
him. In five minutes Kimmich became the author of assist and
Lewandowski used the second moment. For a quarter of hour till the
end of a time Müller didn’t use two amazing moments. The first
episode ended with Bürki’s rescue, the second – a bar. Bayern
completely owned advantage for the remained time but the score
hasn’t changed.

of the second half of a game has come to the end with the kick from
Şahin ‘s standard. A little bit higher than a crossbar. Carlo
Ancelotti tried to refresh a game by rearrangements – Süle and
Coman. However in twenty minutes to a final whistle, Peter Bosch took
the lead. Aubameyang backdoored on backs of Bayern defenders. Bayern
rushed forward to save the situation, even Renato Sanches appeared.
Less, than in three minutes till the end of the meeting football
players of the Munich club have taken the standard which ended with a
kick in a crossbar, and then scored a goal. The referee doubted
whether to allow a goal that was rushing around the penalty area.
Nothing could change this fact. Therefore a game has passed to a
penalty series. The hero of a meeting from Bayern was Kimmich who has
participated in two attacks of Munich team but was not able to
overplay Bürki. Ulreich always jumped to the right that made it
possible to turn aside Rode. Bartra became the second loser who has
punched also in the right corner.

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