Bayern continued its win streak, having approached Borussia Dortmund

Bayern continued its win streak, having approached Borussia Dortmund

The long winter pause in the German championship came to its end. Bayern was the first team to return and played with Hoffenheim.

Improbable events are taking place in the German football. For once in a way after a winter pause Bayern is not considered to be the favorite of the championship. Bookmakers and experts prefer Borussia Dortmund which seems to be more solid.

The Munich team settled down on the second line, giving way to the main rival with 6 points. Nothing has been lost, but Bayern does not look like a machine any more. There are more and more questions to Niko Kovač.

After a winter pause the champion that has a powerful win streak was the first to enter the fight. At the end of last year Bayern won 5 rounds in a row and at the beginning of the 2019 has taken the Telekom Cup, a peculiar friendly tournament. Generally speaking, everything is very successful.

And Hoffenheim is considering with horror the second half of November and December. During this time the team has played 78 matches in all tournaments from which has drawn 6 matches and lost 2 of them.

Bayern continued its win streak

In fight of Bundesliga series one has to be interrupted. Bayern won 5 rounds in a row and Hoffenheim tied 6 matches in a row. The football team from Munich has done everything to save its series as in the first 45 minutes they have scored two goals.

In general in the first half Bayern seemed to be much stronger. David Alaba began a meeting with a dangerous cross but Thomas Müller after Robert Lewandowski’s clever “leaving” failed to hit from high-percentage shooting position. The ball almost got the target.

However this miss preceded two goals scored by Leon Goretzka therefore the team from Munich could not be upset. The first goal was quite unexpected, Robert Lewandowski was shooting from much more convenient position.

The Pole closed a high ball of Kingsley Coman from seven meters but Baumann struck a blow aside. Leon appeared in time to finish the attack. The second ball was even easier. The vertical attack ended with David’s cross which was easily closed by Leon. Goretzka scored a goal from two meters.

Bayern continued its win

Hoffenheim didn’t give up. The team has started the second half very actively. At first they have caught Thiago Alcântara on a mistake and Joelinton tested Neuer for reliability.

Manuel turned aside and Demirbay could not score a goal from the 13th meters. But after an hour the hosts have made successful counterattack after a corner.

Leonardo Bittencourt found Schultz. Niko has scored a goal. Manuel Neuer could not catch the direct shot of Schultz.

That was everything the hosts could do. But guests carried out a smart tic-tac-toe passing play in three minutes before the end of the match. James found Müller, Thomas shot on Lewandowski and Robert scored the goal from three meters – 3:1.

Hoffenheim lost to Bayern, having interrupted a series from six draws in a row. The team from Munich, on the contrary, continued a smart win streak. Niko Kovač’s players are winning six rounds in a row and the lag from Borussia Dortmund was reduced to three points. However, the Bumblebees have one more match to play.

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