Bayern won hard in Brussels

Bayern won hard in Brussels

group B even before the beginning of a tournament was the most
predictable team. The difference in a class between grandees and
underdogs is too big and the time brought some evidences. After four
rounds PSG and Bayern have ensured participation in the playoffs, and
can easily finish a group stage. It will be difficult to Germany to
initiate the battle for the first line as PSG is practically
destroying its rivals that this fact frightens a lot of fans. The
phenomenal difference of the scored and missed goals plus defeat 3:0
in the first match for 99% ensures that the French team will become
the winners of group B.

Heynckes didn’t trouble all football players of a starting line-up,
having used the rotation. Mats Hummels, Javi Martínez and James
David Rodríguez were warming the bench but Marco Fridle and Niklas
Süle were playing. However at the very beginning of the match the
most skilled defender from Bayern has behaved oddly. Jérôme Boateng
while sending a forward pass has presented the ball to Lukasz
Teodorczyk. Lukash was surprised by such a gift therefore he didn’t
manage to shot accurately. Sven Ulreich has saved the team.

Robben, Alcântara and Lewandowski

began to work more carefully after this dangerous call but in the
attack it was slow. Robben, Alcântara and Lewandowski were moving
slowly without creating any tension near Sels’s gate. But half an
hour later the Belgians again have accurately covered the player of
defense and then Teodorczyk met with the goalkeeper. Lukash kicked a
far corner but didn’t score.

seemed that Bayern in its thoughts is not in Belgium because players
of the Munich club were moving so slowly. Anderlecht was using this
fact skillfully and dictated the game to guests. Only by the end of a
time Munichers found a way for the dangerous moment. Arjen Robben in
the style moved from the wing having shot to the defender and then
Robert Lewandowski tried to send a ball into the gates. Again on the
way of the football ball appeared a player of defense. This time it
was Sven Kums.

lack of discipline of the German defense blew the mind. Sebastian
Rudy by an ugly pass has brought Teodorczyk to a meeting with the
goalkeeper. Lukash has powerfully kicked a far corner – Sven
Ulreich saved the team. Lukash Teodorczyk was able to become an
author of a hat trick thanks to an awful game of the defensive line
of Bayern.

Bayern wasn’t lucky as the team has lost Thiago Alcântara and Arjen
Robben because of injuries by the 50th gaming minute. Jupp Heynckes
was very upset with the losses in such unimportant match. When the
Dutchman left the guests managed to score the first goal. James David
Rodríguez, Corentin Tolisso and Robert Lewandowski have lined the
tremendous attack. After the cutting pass of the Colombian the
Frenchman has shot and the Pole has finished the attack. As smooth as

ten minutes Teodorczyk at last could answer his famous compatriot.
Lukash hasn’t managed to score but he made an excellent pass to Anny
who was forgotten on 11
meter point. Sofiane over played Sven Ulreich, having restored the
balance. But the following attack of guests has come to the end with
a heading from Robert Lewandowski that was got by Matts Sels. The
goalkeeper has kept the draw outcome for the team in this episode but
he hasn’t saved from defeat.

under a carbon paper the Munichers rushed to the attack. Again from
the right wing Kimmich shot. Corentin Tolisso as the real forward has
sent a ball in a bottom corner, having gained a difficult victory for
the team. The situation in the group hasn’t especially changed
because of this and to tell the truth it couldn’t as in a parallel
match PSG has destroyed Celtic.

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