​The bookmaker Betfred has celebrated 100-year anniversary of its most devoted client

The British bookmaker Betfred is celebrating 100-year anniversary of its most loyal client Albert

Every morning staff of Betfred in the town St. Helens with the population of 100 thousand people waits for its most loyal customer Albert Ellis known as “Bunny”. Albert for almost 50 years comes to bet on his favorite horse races, other sports events, or to play the Irish lottery.

This day the staff of the company has arranged the real party for “Bunnyt”, having presented him big pie and 100 pounds as free bets. The head of Betfred Fred Don who has also taken part at anniversary party has described Albert not only as the most devoted client of the company, but also as the owner of the true character of St. Helens.

Albert has told that he has made his first bet being a teenager when gambling was illegal. Today “Bunny” has eight children and successful, in his opinion, life.

Doctor Patrick Basham from the Institute of Democracy considers that gambling has not only negative consequences, but also some positive. He has mentioned as an example “Bunny” who as many pensioners still is active in social life and constantly takes part in it thanks to gambling.

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