Bookmaker Ladbrokes has evaluated the chances of “Manchester United” and “Manchester City” to leave EPL with 5001.0

The chances of “Manchester United” and “Manchester City” to leave EPL with 5001.0

After this case, British bookmakers refused to propose such big coefficients for this or that event. But the company Ladbrokes after all has decided that definite situations in EPL in new season are worth being evaluated with the coefficient 5001.0.

Of course, bookmaker Ladbrokes didn’t evaluate the championship of this or that club that is considered to be the real underdog with the coefficient 5001.0. The highest coefficient that the bookmaker is offering for EPL Championship – 1001.0 (for example, on victory of football club “Burnley”, Hull City”, or “West Bromwich”.

“ The ship has flown away for those fans who want to support their clubs with the bets 5001.0, but we will pay these money with such a great coefficient if one more unbelievable history happen in Premier League this season”, – PR Manager for Ladbrokes Alex Donohue has declared. In particular, Ladbrokes proposes to bet on the event that one of the football team will win all 38 matches of the EPL with the coefficient 5001.0. With this coefficient is evaluated also the possibility of knockout from the EPL “Manchester United” and “Manchester City”. Besides, with the coefficient 5001.0 it is possible to bet on the fact that “Everton” will never lose and win gold medals.

“Leicester” has not been left out in the cold by the bookmaker Ladbrokes. With the coefficient 5001.0 is evaluated the possibility that “Leicester” will win everything this season: EPL, Champions League, FA Cup, League Cup.

At last it is possible to bet on the possibility that ‘Burnley” will win EPL and “Middlesbrough” will take the second place with the coefficient 5001.0. So, if the clubs will repeat the situation of the previous season but in Premier League. Last season they exactly in such a position had ended the Championship.

It should be mentioned that the chief coach of ‘Leicester” Claudio Ranieri has asked the bookmakers to evaluate the chances of his club to become the champion according to the results of previous season with the coefficient 6001.0.

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