Bookmakers are accepting the bets on the colour of the undershorts of Gary Lineker on air at BBC

The colour of the undershorts of Gary Lineker on air at BBC

“Leicester ” had won the title by gaining the Champion title ahead the schedule and the star of the English football has to fulfill his promise. The bookmakers started to accept the bets on the colour of the Lineker’s undershorts.

“If “Leicester” becomes the champion I will lead the first program of Match of the Day next season wearing only undershorts”,- Gary Lineker has written in his account in “Twitter on 15th of December.

“Leicester” has gained the champion title ahead of the schedule on the 2nd of May when “Tottenham” has played the draw with “Chelsea” and has lost the chances for gold medals. By last matches the team of Claudio Ranieri had proved the status of the best club of the season having gained victory over “Averton” (3:1) during the last by one tour and having played draw with “Chelsea” 1:1 at the last match of the Championship.

According to the price quotations of Irish bookmaker Paddy Power the most probable colour of Lineker undershorts is blue: to bet on this variant is possible with 1,25. Probably by this colour Lineker who came from Leicester and former player of the team will under light the victory of blue colour-the main colour of the club.

To bet on the fact that the undershorts of the expert will be white is possible with odds 6,0; the black colour goes with the odds 7,0. The green and red colour are evaluated with the odds 13,0 and 19,0 respectively. The outsider colour -orange: the probability of Lineker on air in orange undershorts is 51,0.

The line is open up to 14 July, when the program Match of the Day of season 2016/2017 will start on air.

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