Bookmakers are matching Brad Pitt with Jennifer Aniston and …Hillary Clinton

Bookmakers are matching Brad Pitt with Jennifer Aniston

The Irish bookmaker Paddy Power couldn’t pass by this story. The company has opened betting on the beauty who will become the new girlfriend of Brad Pitt.

According to Paddy Power evaluation, Brad Pitt, most likely, will begin to meet with his girlfriend, the actress Charlize Theron who is famous thanks to such films as “Monster” and “The Devil’s Advocate”. It is possible to bet on fact that to them their friendship won’t be a hindrance anymore with 9.0 (11%). However, their friendship could be destroyed by the fact that Theron “had stolen” Pitt’s role in the film “Grey Person”.

The probability that the sexiest woman of 2012 and 2013 according to MAXIM magazine Israeli top model Bars Rafaeli will be the new girlfriend of Brad Pitt is evaluated with the coefficient 11.0 (9%). Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, who very painfully reacted on the “Fight club” star breakup, have the same chances.

It is possible to bet on the fact that Brad Pitt will start the affair with the Frenchwoman Marion Cotillard who recently rejected all rumors about the relations with Jolie’s husband and who plighted troth to the spouse Guillaume Canet with 13.0 (8%). The same coefficient is given on the possibility that new companion of the actor will become Rachel McAdams.

There are also Margot Robbie (her chances as a new passion of Pitt are equal to 15.0 or 7%), Selena Gómez (19.0 or 5%), Emma Watson (26.0 or 4%), Ledi Gaga (26.0 or 4%), Rihanna (26.0 or 4%), and also … the U.S candidate from Democratic party Hillary Clinton! Chances of the actor to become, perhaps, the first Mister of the country (if the former Secretary of State will move to the White House) are equal to 201.0 or 0,4%.

Finally, your chances, the reader of ” Gambling & Sports ” (or any other girl who had read the betting line on the website Paddy Power) to conquer Brad Pitt’s heart are 501.0 or 0.2%. But don’t be upset! Barry Humphries (or Dame Edna) has the same chances to conquer the actor.

Let’s say that, according to Bovada opinion, most likely, it is the actress who will become Pitt’s new wife. It is possible to bet with1.76 (57%).

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