Bookmakers: chances of “Liverpool” to become the champion of LE are higher than chances of “Sevilla”

Liverpool to become the champion of LE

On the 18th of May in Basel the team of Klopp will fight with the Spanish “Sevilla” that will try to win the title the 3rd time in a row. According to the financial quotes of bookmakers the chances of “Liverpool” to win the title of the European League are higher a little than by the team of Unai Emery.

The bookmaker William Hill makes it possible to bet that “Liverpool” will get the title with odds 1,73. The possibility of another victory of the team of Unai Emery is evaluated as 2,0.

The possibility of winning of “Liverpool” during the regular time is evaluated by William Hill as 2,5. The bet on draw is taken for 3,25. It is possible to bet on the victory of “Sevilla” for 2,8.

“Sevilla” can gain the title the 3rd time in a row and than it will create a record. “Liverpool”hasn’t won international titles for 11 years already.

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