Bookmakers once again have corrected odds on championship


If only yesterday after the presentation of preliminary claim of Russian team, the preference was given to the Canadians but now it is possible to say that the opinions have divided with the small overbalance in favour of Russian hockey players.

In different bookmakers the odds on the victory of Russian national team are from 2,75 up to 3,25 that comprises about 36% of probability. The victory of Canadian national team is evaluated from 2,88 up to 3,50 (34%).

The team in the list of main contenders to the title is the national team of Finland. The victory of this team is evaluated from 3,75 up to 7,00.

Of course these odds will change when the names of the players from National Hockey league who will come to the national teams will be known. So if “Pittsburgh” that is stronger than “Washington” (3:1) will enter the next round it is highly possible that the National team of Russia will join the players of ” Capitals” Alexsander Ovechkin and Evgeny Kuznetsov.

William Hill bookmaker as the favourite for the winning in group A considers to be the players of Oleg Znark. You can bet on them with the odds 1,70. The second line is occupied by Swedish hockey players (3,00) and the 3rd – national team of Czech Republic (7,00).

In the group B the preference is given to the Canadian hockey players. Their winning is evaluated with the odds 1,80. Next comes the team from Finland and the 3rd place is taken by the national team from the USA (9,00).

The odds that the Russian national team will be able to gain the medals at the World Championship are 1,25. The Canadians are the second (1,33) and the triple of favourites is closed by the players from Finland with odds 1,50.

It should be mentioned that bookmakers think that the final match of the tournament will be between the national teams of Russia and Canada. Odds that the hosts of the Championship will play in this final match in different bookmakers are from 1,67 up to 1,70. For Canadians bookmakers give from 1,75 up to 1,77.

While compared with the rest of the teams there is a great probability that the national teams of Finland and Sweden will play the final match. For Finland in the final match odds from 2,70 up to 2,90 are given and for Swedish team it is possible to bet with odds from 2,75 up to 3,40.

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