Chaos in the camp of Borussia Dortmund: Aubameyang is modeling an impudent demarche of Dembélé

Chaos in the camp of Borussia Dortmund: Aubameyang is modeling an impudent demarche of Dembélé

a year has passed since young and talented Ousmane Dembélé has
initiated usurpation of power in Dortmund. At first the Frenchman
has argued with Roman Bürki during the training session. That
episode has nearly ended with a fight but the partners have come in
time. We will remind you that Ousmane was in team for a very short
time when all that happened. And then Dembélé has put Borussia in
the ignore list. The French midfielder has changed the mobile phone
number and was negotiating with Barcelona. And, of course, he wasn’t
attending the training sessions.

didn’t tolerate such behavior and has already sidelined the football
player from the training sessions. But the fact remains. The young
player even very extremely talented, has set the conditions to club
with which he has signed the contract, has violated all terms of the
contract and as a result he has gained everything he wanted to gain.
The transfer to Barcelona has been completed during summer transfer
window. On the 25th
of August the contract with Catalan club has been signed and Dembélé
became the youngest fresher of Blaugrana for the last 14 years. Then
Karmic punishment in the form of a hip injury has caught the player.
Ousmane has missed four months and so far is warming the bench. But
it is enough about the fate of the bold Frenchman.

main thing in this story is the fact that the bad example is
infectious. Players of Borussia Dortmund were judging his behavior
harshly and publicly criticized his decision. And it was quite
reasonable. However there was one football player who quietly
summarized methods of pressure upon the management. Pierre-Emerick
Aubameyang who was invited in summer to different clubs has decided
in the winter that he has outgrown the present level of Borussia. The
sad piece of Borussia headed by Peter Bosz has negatively affected
ambitions of the forward. A knockout from the Champions League zone,
floundering in the middle of standings with rare attempts to catch
Bayern – all this wasn’t in the plans of Aubameyang.

has begun to act. And there was everything not by the dialogue. That
was simple demarche. In this case an example of Dembélé seemed to
be very useful. The forward also didn’t attend training session and
that was very important one. Every other day the match against
Stuttgart has been planned and that was the time for tactical
instructions and sorting out the concrete plan for a game. Such
episode couldn’t pass without any consequences therefore Aubameyang
wasn’t invited to the forthcoming meeting. It has become clear
later that Pierre-Emerick was terribly late for training session and
doesn’t understand the sanctions that were taken by the club. Traffic
jams, and he hasn’t yet earned for the private plane.

the interview of Aubameyang has imposed rather negative effect as the
football player has told that he is often late for training sessions.
Disrespect has been heard. Aubameyang also plays by his own rules
disrespecting the club with which he has signed the contract. Of
course, Pierre-Emerick’s achievements by that moment were
magnificent. 21 goals for 23 matches in all tournaments:he was
scoring practically every 100 minutes and has managed to take three
passes. But nobody can put himself above the team. Such thing occurs
in Dortmund every half a year.

was also very successive. Dembélé didn’t miss only one training
session and why can’t Pierre-Emerick foolow his example? After a
long winter pause the Gabon forward didn’t come to the extremely
important meeting that was devoted to the forthcoming match against
Wolfsburg. Aubameyang would be again surprised and would say again
that he has forgotten but these excuses have already annoyed the
management. Peter Stöger will exclude him from the bid for a match
against the Wolves and the sport director Michael Zorc will tell that
the patience of club has some limits and the next episode won’t end
with simple disciplinary punishment.

Ousmane Dembélé

doesn’t act so abruptly and harshly as Ousmane Dembélé but he
gets what he wants. The club is even ready to sell the Gabon forward
in order not to receive from him surprises. Because of the next
Aubameyang’s trick the trio of attack in a match against Wolfsburg
was made by Yarmolenko, Isak and Sancho. Two juniors and the
Ukrainian fresher could not, of course, break the defense of the
Wolves and Borussia remained the 4th
with the 15point lag from Bayern.

scenario of transfer of Ousmane Dembélé resembles the previous one.
The management of the club was tired of his tricks and nearly
directly announced his selling. The partners have negatively spoken
about Pierre-Emerick’s behavior. By the way, again Bürki has come
under the spotlight. This time no fight has happened during the
training session. Roman has given an interview in which he has
publicly condemned the behavior of the Gabon forward. The forward is
excluded from the starting line-up because he is not focused on the
game. So the plan is completed.

what will happen next? Where can the forward go? First, it should be
noted that an inexpressive game during the last games plus strange
behavior have considerably lowered the price of Aubameyang therefore
it will be simpler to sign him. In such conditions the Chinese clubs
will hardly be able to compete with the EPL teams wishing to catch
Pierre-Emerick. Those are two teams with one Spanish grandee.



Wenger begins to build new team as the current season is a failure.
Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Özil are ready to leave and the Gunners
need the starts who will be able to replace the leaders. As they say,
the London club has already offered €60 million for Aubameyang and
is considered to be the main favorite in a dispute for football
player. This option seems excellent and for Pierre-Emerick. Having
replaced Alexis Sanchez on the wing he will have an excellent
opportunity again to show his favorite speedy game. And sometimes he
should substitute in the center of attack Alexandre Lacazette in
order to increase the goalscorer’s score that also corresponds to
the specialty of Aubameyang. Besides hardly in other team the forward
will get a role of the leader. The only minus is a weak game of
Arsenal. The Gunners for certain will spend again the next season in
the Europa League and fight for the champion’s title is more similar
to a joke.


everything seems to be a romantic movie. Jürgen Кlopp and
Pierre-Emerick’s reunion. Aubameyang is ideal to attacking style of
Liverpool and he will communicate well with the head coach. They have
already worked together. Besides, Coutinho is sold and money can be
taken. And the club is more ambitious, than Arsenal, the Champions
League has to be hooked: the club has won over Manchester City
recently. There are only questions to Aubameyang. Whether he will be
able to stay in the starting line-up? The trio of attack (Mané –
Firmino – Salah) is uncontested and it is extremely difficult to
force someone out.


summer Real Madrid declared that it is interested in Aubameyang. Now
the situation for Real became much more miserable and the club needs
the center forward first of all. Bearing in mind Pierre-Emerick’s
class and his price – the purchase can turn out to be smart. We
wonder why don’t we hear the news from Madrid. Most
likely, Aubameyang himself has pushed away the Spain due to pale game
during the last games and strange behavior. He needs to grow up
urgently as right now his transfer to Real seems to be the most

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