Contours of the Champions League Group Stage

Champions League Group Stage

when 22 out of 32 participants of the main net of the Champions
League are already defined, huge interest of football fans is
attracted by the possible structure of eight quartets of the
forthcoming tournament. What are the possible variants?

present your attention the structure of four baskets which contain
all 42 participants of the current Champions League draw. It is
obvious, that 10 unnecessary clubs will be automatically removed
after the finishing of return matches of
the fourth round of qualification on the 22-23rd
of August.

BASKET: Real Madrid, Bayern, Juventus, Benfica, Chelsea, Shakhtar
Donetsk, Monaco, Spartak Moscow;

BASKET: Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, PSG, Borussia Dortmund,
Sevilla, Manchester City, Porto, Manchester United;

BASKET: Napoli, Tottenham, Basel, Olympiacos, Anderlecht, Liverpool,
Rum, Beşiktaş;

BASKET: Celtic, CSKA Moscow, Copenhagen, Sporting, Steaua, Young
Boys, APOEL, Feyenoord, Maribor, Qarabağ, Nice, Astana, Leipzig,
Hoffenheim, Rijeka, Hapoel, Başakşehir, Slavia;

we see, the fourth and the last basket is the most representative.
There are sixteen out of twenty participants of final round of
qualification here.

can be the movements and changes in the structures of baskets? The
first basket will remain invariable as all eight clubs are the
participants of group stage. In the second basket only Sevilla can be
replaced if the Turkish Başakşehir does not manage to beat the
Andalusian club in the forthcoming two-matches battle.

this case, the place of Sevilla in the second basket will be taken by
the best team from the third basket. In turn, in the third basket
participants of the fourth round of qualification are Napoli,
Olympiacos and Liverpool. And in case these clubs don’t enter the
main net, their places will be taken by the teams
from the last fourth basket in strictly filled sequence.

us remind that the structure of each eight quartets of group stage
will be built by one team from each basket. And it is natural that in
one group there cannot be two teams of one national league.

wish you successful betting!

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