Cristiano Ronaldo and mother of Ada

Cristiano Ronaldo and mother of Ada

-You always have to wait for women,-he has broken the silence. He was in a very good mood.

-Lipstick, mascara, heels…She is probably now in the elevator.
He has turned the head, the earring in his ear blazed- Cristiano noticed Hegerberg and smiled again.
The mother of Ada who was accompying her daughter all the way, has taken the photo camera and started to make photos.
-What were your dreams in childhood?-Ronaldo was asked.
-To become the football player. By this point of view my dream came true.
-You have won the trophy with the national park for the first time. What did you feel at that moment-after the French final?
To win for the first time is always pleasant. This is something special. I always say that I want very much to win something for my country. I was crying a lot. Emotions overwhelmed me. Honestly it is very special victory!
-At the end you practically became the assistant of Fernando Santos…
-(He didn’t listen to the whole question) Of course, I will become the coach! Seriously, I do not want to be a coach. Very difficult job. I think so now. May be, in 5-6 years I will change my point of view.
-You have won everything you can. How now not to lose the focus?
-I am motivating myself constantly. By the way, a lot of people ask such a question. You know, my hobby, my passion is football. And I try to play at a high level. Always. Every year as a new challenge. But nothing never changes. I always need to attack and score goals.
-You have never won the World Championship…
-(Laughing) Are you kidding? We have won for the first time the Championship of Europe. And you are speaking about the World Championship. It is very difficult to become the first at the tournament of such level. But anything can happen in football.
…Cristiano asked to bring him a glass of water but he pulled a face and told something to his relatives. “This is vodka”,-he almost shouted to his colleague. ” -Sorry, mother. It is not my fault”,-laughed Ada.
-No one in the history of football has won the Champions League two times in a row,- the last shot to Ronaldo.
-So, may be “Real” will manage to do so. We have to think so. Such a task we need to complete.
…It seemed that Ronaldo was eager to talk with the press for hours. His mood was great, he was joking and flirting with Hegerberg, and joking with her mother. But the time was limited and it was necessary to finish the official part.
Then it was a group photo-Ronaldo tried to escape. But the fair-haired woman-mother of Ada- came in front of him. She has forced the football star to make photo with her daughter. And awards.

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