​England is again at the crossroads: who will head the national team?

The national team of England is again without its main coach

Media sabotage

The situation with the coach of the national team of England at the moment provokes only laughter because it is impossible to imagine the situation that is more awkward than this one. Local journalists just destroyed Sam Allardyce. They didn’t find any compromising evidence, they didn’t dig out any secret, they just simply left him in the lurch. It is possible they believe that they are fighting for “innocence” of football. In fact, they just put their country in a hole.

Allardyce, of course, is the idiot; it is hard to choose another word. He just missed the chance of his life. The man who has enough money for some reason had decided to earn some cash illegally. At the same time in a conversation with strangers he managed to throw mud at everyone and everything. As a result, Allardyce who wanted so much to be the coach of the national team of England destroyed his dream with his own hands. Moreover, now the whole career of the coach is under the fire. Englishmen believe that reputation is a very serious thing, and Allardyce who had bowed it, will hardly receive now the offer from Premier League. Anyway – in the nearest future.

The Football Association is now in awkward situation too. The Heads of the English football association experience huge pressure. It seems that they have found the new coach, he had won the first and extremely important match in World Cup qualification, and everyone hoped that we could relax as suddenly … Journalists provoked, Allardyce caught it, and now FA has to pick up the pieces. It is obvious that the change of the coach under such circumstances, in two weeks before the next match is a real disaster. And FA that is forced to dismiss Allardyce will be responsible for the failure.

As a result, media sabotage had led to a new race for a post of the coach of the national team of England. So far during four games Gareth Southgate will function as the chief coach.

New coach

It was not so long ago when FA was actively searching for the coach of the national team, and little has changed since then. Candidates are the same, and it is hardly worth waiting for a surprise. It is obvious that now it is impossible to negotiate and make the appointment of the coach as it is too late – on the 8th of October the team will face the match with Malta, and on the 11th – with Slovenia. Southgate now is on a contract with FA, and under such circumstances the decision to appoint him was logical.

This summer Southgate received the proposal to head the national team, but he refused. Later the coach declared that he made such a decision because he hasn’t enough experience. Of course, he didn’t gain much experience in 60 days but he will remain to be a chief coach even after next four matches. If the national team achieves good result, then Southgate will receive the proposal of the permanent job. Perhaps, coach, having tested this role by his own skin, won’t be able to refuse.

Other clear candidate is Steve Bruce. He was also negotiating in summer with FA and that fact wasn’t hidden by abyone. Eventually, a choice was made in favor of Allardyce, but what can disturb to return to Bruce’s candidacy right now? Of course, it is important to know, why he wasn’t admitted in summer, but here the only variant is to guess this reason. The main plus of Bruce is his status of the unemployed . In summer FA had to negotiate with “Hull City”, but now the coach isn’t connected with “tigers” by the contract. For some unknown reason Bruce resigned before the season start.

The third obvious candidate is Eddie Howe. The coach of “Bournemouth” is highly respected in England. He is even predicted to make star career here. If FA took a break, there probably won’t be the blind return to Bruce. In this case, Howe is quite a real option, but for all negotiations time is necessary.

Is there any chance that someone else will head the national team of England? There was some information about the possibility of Wenger invitation this summer. His contract with “Arsenal” came to an end this summer. In general, now this opportunity seems to be more real. Bearing in mind the fact that Southgate will be the chief coach till the end of the 2016 for sure, little time is left and summer will start again. The question is whether it is necessary for Wenger.

There is still an option – to invite the foreign specialist. In summer FA wanted to invite the Englishman, however the scandal can influence on this decision. Eventually to invite the coach from outside who isn’t involved in anything will help to protect him against the pressure of the English mass media for some time. In summer some specialists spoke about Jurgen Klinsmann’s candidacy: why not to return to it.


Anyway, FA, and the national team of England, got into crapes. The most stupid scandal out of the clear sky has weakened the team. Earlier football players of the national team had noted that excessive pressure negatively influences on the results. And here once again media instead of support brings only problems.

Naturally, it isn’t so simple to find the coach in such a situation. Of course, the national team is an interesting job, but hardly many coaches like such ugly intervention of the mass media in their work. Any team values support, but in Britain it is necessary to see how the wind blows. For this reason, there are a lot of doubts that even the good choice of the coach will help them to achieve success.

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