English fans had beaten bottles and trown chairs in Marseille


During the clashes with police, drunken fans had thrown chairs and bottles, while police had used tear gas to disperse the British.

The great damage has been done. The ground is full of broken shards of glass bottles and broken windows of various cafes and restaurants, plenty of broken chairs and other items. In addition, many people become incidental victims of tear gas.

It is worth noting that not all the clashes were provoked by the British. It is reported that in the evening one of the bars, that was full of British, was attacked by a group of young people, presumably — local residents. Special police units reacted quickly to this hassle and, as always have used the tear gas.

“UEFA regrets about what has happened in Marseille. We are confident that the local authorities responsible for the order in the city, will ensure the safety of visiting fans. We are asking all fans to behave respectfully, in thebounds of decency,’ – UEFA said in a statement concerning this case.

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