Euro-2016 predictions. The winner of the final match: Portugal- France


The match will take place at “Stade de France”. The beginning of the match – 21:00 EET

The championship of Europe has come to its logical end. The finalists were expected just in one half. If the national team of France in the final match was seen by many, the national team of Portugal wasn’ t expected to join the final match.
On behalf of the team of Ronaldo are, of course, good luck, and cold mind. They have played their final match of group stage being the last and that is why they have already known the list of the play-off participants. They understood that draw with Hungarians will lead them to the easiest tournament net. Where there are no Germany, France, Italy.
The plan of the team of Fernando Santos was absolutely right. In the fight they have came through the Croatian team, Poland and Wales. Portugal is in the final of Euro 2016.
The French team has proved its right to fight for the championship, having played the super match in the semi-final with current world champions. That match with Germany was called the pre-final. The team of France had a clear winning and now to get the gold medal it needs to do one step.

I dare to presume that France will manage to do it. Yes, after the match with Germany French team can feel uncomfortable to play with Portugal.

The Portuguese team will try to make use of this fact. Yes, they had one spare day of rest. Yes, final betting is always lotery
But the advantage of French team is its class. “3 coloured” had gathered one of the best team of the tournament. And that is why they can have on their stands the players of the level of Marseljal or Coman. Fernando Santos doesn’ t have such possibility.
By the end of the tournament the national team of France started to show the team play. The team play was not seen just at the beginning of the tournament. And that is also very important moment.
And the factor of home field should not be neglected. As we remember in 1998 this factor helped French team. In forthcoming match Portugal will be a nominal host but we all understood who would be supported desperately by the vast majority of “Stad de France”.

And that is why I dare to presume that the title of the Champion of Europe won’t leave France for 4 years minimum.

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