European Championships begin: who will become new “Leicester”?

who will become new “Leicester”?

The champion’s title of “Leicester” has changed the world of football – now bettors in all seriousness are making bets on the victory in EPL of football teams like “Burnley” and “Middlesbrough”. Every noted team is to the slightest extent compared with “foxes” (directors of clubs are not pleased with such comparison and the author is not pleased either). Such sensations usually happen only once in the interval from 5 to 10 years, but why don’t we anticipate one more? The clubs included into the list, won’t hardly be fighting for champion’s title – you know what kind of monopoly in Italy and France is and how are the first places distributed in Spain and Germany. So you should understand the task “to become “Leicester” a little bit differently. When we speak about Spain, for example, to get into Euro Cups or to settle down at last after the “big three”.

Italy: “Sassuolo”

Do you still consider this team to be the source of “witty jokes”? There you are wrong! In three years “Sassuolo” has surely won the title of one of the strongest Italy teams – for passion to attacking football, for typically Italian great attention to tactics, for powerful team results with rather average team squad. When “Sassuolo” during one year has lost two individually strong football players, Vrsaljko and Sansone, the team didn’t lose the courage but save Magnanelli and Missiroli! These are two 30 years old clever halfbacks who have never played in Euro Cups till summer. “Sassuolo” is used to lose strong players – a year ago the team gave Simone Zaza to “Juventus” and is asking Berardi not to go there for some time now.

The most impudent beginner of a Series A recently has good team. But what is the most important thing, is the fact that it has the coach who deserves to work on a higher level. Eusebio Di Francesco this summer has received the proposal from “Milan” but he has proved by his approach that he has a level head. He refused to join the club where is now too much mess. The most stylish coach of Italy whose scarf on the neck became an integral part of image is the diligent pupil of Zdenek Zeman with whom he played in “Roma”. But to tell the truth, the Czech was playing frankly crazy football, Di Francesco has slightly modernized his model. He won’t send seven forwarders at once. His football is very clever, nice and is based on love to ball possession.

Last season “Sassuolo” has already created the dressing-down to many Italy teams. It was considered to be the dark horse till this winter with muddy horizons (though it has defeated ‘Juventus” at home) and then was stronger than “Lazio”, “Milan”, has gathered its points and during the last round has beaten “Inter”. This season it will be even harder to gain the success – “Milan” and “Lazio” had to become a little bit stronger and the top-5 will hardly give up. But this is theory. In practice, “Sassuolo” with its team game can overcome any football team. This is the trump card of Italian “Leicester”.

He will become known as Vardy. About Domenico Berardi a lot is spoken since winter 2014 when 19 years old technical winger has scored four goals to “Milan” and became the first football player in the history who has done so. The public opinion urged Antonio Conte to include Berardi into Italian national team for Euro-2016. The rumors had sent the leader of “Sassuolo” to “Juventus”. Domenico stayed in order to live with neroverdi the first Euro Cup autumn in which the Italian team after the yesterday’s victory over “Red star Belgrade” will enter for sure.

Interesting fact. When “Sassuolo” was rising from Series C1 to Series B, the team was headed by one nameless specialist with the experience of playing career only in middle level class clubs. Then he moved to “Cagliari” and started with six defeats in a row – and only then the whole football world had learnt about his talent as a coach. The name of this specialist is Massimiliano Allegri.

What if not “Sassuolo”: “Torino”. The team that has Sinisa Mihajlovic, Castan, Adem Ljajic and Falque from ‘Roma” since this summer. Judging by the squad the team is very worthy. And to work with average teams he can work better that with the teams of the class of “Fiorentina” and Milan”.

Spain: “Las Palmas”

The Spanish brother of “Sassuolo” does not doze too. The team from the Canary Islands begins only its second mature season in Premier League. The last season the team began in an off band way in terms of points (don’t you find any parallels with “Leicester”?). However the face of “Las Palmas” has never lost – on the Canary Islands the control over the ball is put on the first place and the attacking team is built and from this plan the team didn’t back out. If you look at the chart of Premier since January, you will see that “Las Palmas” would finish according to the results of the last season in the seven. Having suffered very painful period of adaptation to Premier, “Las Palmas” has started to play its football and even overplayed in ball possession ‘Real”. In this season under the guidance of Enrique Setien the team from Islands will continue its evolution.

He will become known as Vardy. Ok, very well, Kevin-Prince Boateng maybe has no need to develop any more as he became the representative of a show-business but not the football player. But for him it is the last chance to return on his previous level. Boateng is arrogant, strange and is living in some kind of vacuum world with the chains on his neck and in ‘Schalke” and “Milan” he was playing the fool recently rather than playing (but he was even playing not very often). But the Spanish positional play, that allows anybody to create can influence healthily on Boateng.

Interesting fact. “Las Palmas” had to return to premier even earlier, in 2014. Yellow-blues have got to playoff, and reached the final and were holding 1:0 against “Cordoba”… And after that they have given up at 10th (!!!) added minute. And were left in Segunda Division for one more year. But justice triumphed – “Las Palmas” wrapped up the promotion and “Cordoba” didn’t win in playoff any match had left the Premier with a great crash.

What if not “Las Palmas”: “Malaga”. There are no Javier Gracia and Egor Filipenko but there is Huande Ramos. So there is still someone to look after.

Germany: “Hoffenheim”

Julian Nagelsmann is only 29 years old. He is the youngest coach in the history of Bundesliga. But only few doubts that Nagelsmann will have great career and new “Hoffenheim” can do with the young coach a serious step forward. “Peasants” also a year ago were considered to be the possible opening of the season but Markus Gisdol’s bright and sincere football wasn’t shown and with Huub Stevens “the peasants” faced failure. And Nagelsmann not just saved the team, he has also implemented several unusual tactical ideas, on which in such difficult situation only a madman could venture on. There is even something similar with the national team of Chile Bielsa and Sampaoli, incidentally playing 3-1-3-3.

In summer “Hoffenheim” lost Kevin Volland but his position the Chilian Vargas is ready to substitute (eh, and why only in the national team he is playing better than for club?). Together with him there is a number of talented but undervalued players: central midfielder Sule, Kaderabek on wing, Sebastian Rudy who played for the national team of Germany, pulled out the “Leicester” Andrej Kramaric and ex-CSKA player Zuber…When the team has smart squad and competent coach this usually promises the team good future.

He will become known as Vardy“Hoffenheim” adheres to trends of present German school – to train sharp, technical and attacking halfback and to bring them early to the basis. So, do not be surprised if along the season you will hear the names of 19 years old Nadiem Amiri and Philip Oks. Both are courageous, sharp, and are working in constant action. Both are predicted to have big future. Maybe in this season they will start to “burn”?

Interesting fact. Every season in Bundesliga there appears the team that suddenly surprises all around. “Hoffenheim” was such kind of team in the first circle of the season 2008/2009, having just risen from the second league. Vedad Ibishevich has scored on average a goal per each game, Demba Ba and Chinedu Obasi made the company and as a coach was Ralf Rangnick. On a winter pause “the peasants” left as leaders but the trauma of Ibishevich has spoiled them all game. And the champion became the other sensational team, “Wolfsburg”with Dzeko and Grafite.

Who if not. “Hoffenheim”: Really anyone! “Mainz”, “Leipzig” that is full of money, “Freiburg” . Any team with bright gaming pattern.

France “Caen”

Here you must bear in mind the level of Championship – will you believe that “PSG” that is packed full with money and ‘Lion” with the brood of talents will fail the season? If yes, bet on “Caen”. This little but very proud team at the very beginning of the season 2014/15 was predicted to have the role of an elevator but it has suddenly rushed to the middle of the chart. And in last season “Caen” by winter was in top 3 of leaders. Laurent Blanc was surprised. Now it is possible to exceed the achievement, as in summer “Caen” didn’t lose any of the leaders and still has Patrice Garande as a coach and also has added to the squad very experienced Steed Malbrangue and talented Ivan Santini.

He will become known as Vardy. Andy Delort .he has moved to bog football from the beach one and he was playing for national team of France on the sand and was training with Eric Cantona and then he returned home and rewatched the video with Jean-Pierre –Papin that his father gave him. A year ago Delort was on a try-out in Dortmund, didn’t pass it and returned to “Caen” and started to score at the level of league 1 for the first time in his life. And 12 goals at once! Delort is 24 years old and he can develop himself, so the current season will be for Andy very important. It is necessary to prove the class you have.

Interesting fact. Yes, it was this club that “Leicester” has bought N’Golo Kante from. And 6 months before he moved to England he has the opportunity to play for Moscow “Dinamo” – he was supervised by Stanislav Cherchesov personally, bearing in mind what has happened with white-blues, we feel happy for Kante.

Who, if not “Caen”: “Anger”. It has the experience of playing on the top floors of League 1. The experience was gathered thanks to the results of previous season.

England ‘Leicester”

Are you surprised? But you have many times read the simple truth that is repeated so often by the coaches: it is easier to climb on the mountains than to keep on it for a year. It will be very difficult for this “Leicester” to repeat the success – all know how it will be playing, a lot of teams (as “Hull” during the start round of EPL) will fit into ‘Leicester” and will beat into its weak points. If “Leicester” was overcome by the team that was predicted to have only 10 points for all season, that means that “Leicester” will have very difficult Championship.

Here again must be an ideal puzzle. The plan of Guardiola to transform ‘City” has to fail as well as the plan of Mourinho to create strong “MU” having a lot of strong football players. Vardy has still to score a lot of goals, Musa has to become the second “plane”, Nampalys Mendy has to replace Kante fully, Mahrez need to continue to pull his rivals on a lawn (by the way, Mahrez did all his best against “Hull”). But to believe that this story can happen second time in a row in the same League…Such story defies belief.

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