European Golden Shoe 2017

European Golden Shoe 2017

in the five-year UEFA associations
ranking between the fifth and sixth places there is a huge difference
if we speak about an annual competition of the top goal scorers of
national championships.

us give you some background! The prize “European Golden Shoe”
has been founded almost half a century ago in 1968 and the famous
forward of Benfica and Portuguese national team Eusébio became its
first owner. Then the turn of Petar Zhekov, Gerd Müller and other
famous goal-scorers of the 1970th
has come. And in the first decade from the date of foundation of this
annual competition it was incredibly popular in all European top
football countries.

over time the fact that the final winner of the “European Golden
Shoe” was defined with ever increasing frequency in the
championships of Cyprus, Romania, Austria, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia
which doesn’t exist anymore began
to irritate bosses of UEFA and many presidents of grandees of
continental football. It appeared that it is much easier to score
35-40 balls during the season in these countries, than in the EPL or

therefore over time the interest of grandees in this competition has
practically run short. And in this situation Adidas became the new
organizer of the competition, and at the same time has created the
wise decision which has radically changed the relation of top leagues
and the top goal scorers to the “European Golden Shoe”.

to new regulations, the total number of scored goals, for example,
during the season 2016/2017 by the top goal scorers of the
championships of Spain, England, Germany, Italy and Portugal is
multiplied by coefficient 2.0. That is, now representatives of minor
Leagues, and especially, Bulgaria or Cyprus have no chances to win
the European competition.

is how the TOP-3 of the best goal scorers last season looked like:

Lionel Messi (Barcelona) – 74 (37)

Bas Dost (Sporting) – 68 (34)

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Borussia D) – 62 (31)

time the first prize of the European goal-scorer was again won by
Lionel Messi – 74 points (37 balls). And now, with the beginning of
new seasons in England and in France that has replaced Portugal, the
“European Golden Shoe 2018” has started. Also, new
championships of Spain, Italy and Germany will begin. We will speak
in details about new achievements of the best players in our next

wish you successful betting!

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