FA Cup: a life line for Wenger?

FA Cup: a life line for Wenger?

This season became the worst in Arsène Wenger’s career. And we are not even speaking about the fact that Arsenal for the first time of the French expert’s work was left without the Champions League, having taken only the fifth line in the Premier League. Wenger has experienced a great pressure during the last football year. At some point it seemed that nothing will save him. The gunners were destroyed in derby against Crystal Palace, fans cried out: “You aren’t worthy to wear Arsenal’s t-shirts, and the campaign WengerOut has been increasing worldwide. But Londoners have given quite decent ending of the championship and all this sensation has ceased.

the FA Cup final become decisive for Arsène Wenger? There is a
feeling that no. It is unlikely that Arsenal will be criticized
severely in case of defeat. After all Antonio Conte’s team is really
good this season and has not so many weak points, as gunners have.
And, of course, the problems in the defensive line are obvious. Last
interview that was given by Wenger didn’t give a definite answer on a
question whether he will stay in club, but at the same time the words
of the Frenchman suggest that the bosses of the club will leave him
for at least one year. And Alisher Usmonov’s attempts to buy back
the majority interest of Arsenal from Stan Kroenke are hinting at the
fact that the owners won’t be dealing now with any changes in the
coaching staff.

After Sir
Alexander Ferguson has left the club Arsène Wenger is now the last
coach of the Premier league who is dealing with all football issues
in the club. They say that in order to decrease the pressure and
responsibility of the Frenchman in Arsenal there can appear the
position of the sports director. Nevertheless, Wenger has declared
recently that he will control all football issues while he is working
in the club.

Arsène Wenger's career

can the victory in the FA Cup reduce the pressure upon Wenger?
Firstly, Arsenal will win the third national cup for the last four
years. For this period any English team didn’t win more trophies than
Arsenal. Secondly, the victory over Chelsea will emphasize the fact
that football players are still susceptible to Arsen’s ideas and are
ready to stand up for the coach. Thirdly, the end of the unsuccessful
season can restore a normal microclimate in team. Perhaps, the
victory will resolve the situation with Mesut Özil and Alexis
Sánchеz concerning the renewal of their contracts, and also will
influence favorably on the opportunities of Arsenal during the summer
transfer market. Potential beginners will understand that Wenger is
still capable to lead his team to victories.

can’t the victory in the FA Cup reduce the pressure upon Wenger?
Firstly, the national cup can’t be considered as litmus piece of
paper. Arsenal won this trophy in 2014 and 2015 but these successful
matches didn’t presuppose any progress. Secondly, nothing can overlap
the result of last championship. The gunners won only two out of ten
matches against opponents from top 6. It is difficult to Arsène
Wenger to compete with coaches of the level of Conte and Guardiola.
Thirdly, the victory in the FA Cup won’t cancel the fact that Arsenal
desperately needs the new ideas. As the years go by Londoners are
moving away from the Premier League and success at the international
level. Defeats from Bayern with the score 2:10 by the sum of two
meetings in 1/8 Champions League finals demonstrated today’s
difference between Arsenal and the best teams of the continent.

fact, the FA Cup final doesn’t define Arsène Wenger’s destiny. But,
perhaps, the winning of a trophy will become an important argument in
the final decision of Arsenal bosses. And therefore the French coach
needs to cling to this life line.

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