FIFA: computer football has changed


The choice of arena of Madrid “Real” was not made by a chance. This year in order to be published at the game cover will be fighting four football players and one is the midfielder from Colambia of “creamies” Hames Rodriguez. The other three- Anthony Martial from “Manchester” and Eden Azar from “Chelsea” and Marko Roys from Dortmund “Borussia”. Who will become the main figure at the cover is the task of simple players to decide. When the time of game launching will come at the end of September, EA Sports will launch the global voting among the fans of football simulator. Collaboration with Lionel Messi who was at the game covers for the last few years has ended. According to rumors – by mutual agreement. But believe this is not the main change that will happen in the edition of football simulator.

It is believed that programmers of sport games are the laziest of the game industry. People who are not very strong in peculiarities of this genre but who are playing actively are accusing sport simulators in being similar to each other: they say that presumable FIFA 15 from FIFA 16 only the most loyal fans are able to distinguish. This is not true, but EA Sports this years has decided to act even stronger than earlier in order to satisfy the greatest sceptics. Even the chief producer of the game Nik Chennon who appeared in front of the public was very anxious. According to his words for the last 8 years of his work with football simulator, the changes of this year are the most impressive and great.

FIFA 17 will become the first game from the seria that is created with the help of graphics engine Frostbite. The decision to move on new platform was made by the programmers after consideration. Firstly, Frostbite is just stronger and gives more attractive picture than very critizes by all engine Ignite from previous issues. Secondly, by moving all their main game serials to only one platform, Electronic Arts will be able not only to spare some money on programming process but also without any troubles to move the team that are working over the games from one project on another.

Having made friends with new engine the game really became more beautiful. The picture was added with nice nuances that were not presented earlier. For example, strong effects-hot-spots due to projectors and the sun in object-glass, the uniform of players that is getting dirty and deformed and many other effects. The animation of players especially facial has been improved greatly. The sport stars- Ronaldo, Messi, Ibra and others-are reconstructed in the game with special care and have in their arsenal the sets of unique movements and grimaces. For example Messi in FIFA 17 has as quick dribling as in reality and Ibra is possible to perform carate movements both in the air and on earth.

The possibilities of engine Frostbite were used in the main peculiarity of FIFA 17 – story regime The Journey. To be short this is the film or just one season of highly budgeted serial that is implemented into the game. The main hero of The Journey is young black football player Alex Hanter who with our help has to become the star of the EPL. During the breaks between the matches we will face strong and what is even more interesting absolutely nonlinear plot in which will take place not only specifically imagined by programmers heroes- for example, Alex’s coach from his childhood that will give him advices but also superstars of English championship.

The Journey has some wise restrictions. For example all events will be limited with EPL so the fans of the other championship will be slightly disappointed. It won’t be possible to change also the appearance of Hanter. All this things by the words of programmers are done with one aim: The Journey to make the impression of complete, balanced and amazing history without gaps. But in future the company is planning to make the adventures of Alex Hanter into new serial, new season of which will be connected with the future part of FIFA. It is possible that we also see foreign stadiums and Eurocups and other elements of modern football.

The strongest and the most solid part of presentation was dedicated directly to changes in the game mechanics. Nuances and new implementations in FIFA 17 are a lot. Let us tell about the most important ones. Firstly, all standard positions will be changed- starting from the corner and penalty. It is possible to change the vector and the force of player and also the game management will be completely changed. Secondly, EA Sports has significantly renewed the system of collaboration of football players while attacks construction. The center forwarders have learned how to attract the defenders by opening the zones; insiders will learn how to invade them, ending the attacks and so on. After few hours it is impossible to say that FIFA has changed greatly, but all new nuances are seen. If you are tired of artificial intelligence of partners, slow ball acceptance and very weak passes in FIFA 16 you need to know that all these “diseases” in FIFA 17 are cured and to play now is much more comfortable.

Now FIFA 17 makes very good impression and EA Sports has told nothing about the development of the most popular regime of the fame- card Ultimate Team. The news about UT according to the tradition will appear in August by the time of Gamescom opening. But it is possible to say now that the fans of the game in September will get not common and standart renovation of the serial but something better. As minimum the game on absolutely new engine with strong story regime The Journey which can attract the attention of the people who are not the football fans to the game. We start to count the days before FIFA 17 launching- the edition that has all chances to become the best in the history of serial.

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