Francesco Baranca: at least five “strange” matches are played in Spain in each football round

Francesco Baranca

had a feeling that there was something wrong with Eldense over the
fortnight and during the match against Cornellà we were not
surprised” — Mr. Baranka said in an interview to La

to the expert’s opinion, Eldense football club is only one of 50
teams representing the lower Spanish divisions which were on
Federbet’s radar one way or another.

matchday is composed at least of five games in which we doubt. Most
often these are Segunda’s B and Tercera’s meetings. Football is a
sport that is considered to experience the highest level of fraud
matches because there are used the highest possible bets” —
the expert underlined.

Francesco Baranca noted that, despite the strange behavior of odds
during the match, it is very difficult to find unquestionable facts.
“In order the football federation got interested in such matches
something extremely unusual is needed to happen. For example the loss
of Eldense with the score 0:12” — the head of Federbet

Baranka also told about the mechanism of the organization of such
fixed matches. Entire “agencies” that are specializing on
the organization of fixed matches are created. The most popular way
is bribery of players. Criminal groups are able to spend up to €500
000 ($537 000) for one match. According to the expert, the football
player gets for necessary result the amount of money starting from
€10 000 to €100 000 (from $10,700 to $107 000). Besides
organizers propose the players to increase the fee by betting against
themselves, and in such cases the sportsmen are trying to gain the
necessary outcome by any means.

one more important point: in case of loss organizers don’t demand
from the football players to pay back the money. They just wait for
the next easy opportunity and try to scoop a large profit. And
football players repay their debts from this money” —
Francesco Baranca explained.

expert also underlined that such cases occur not only in football.
Federbet every week reveals more than 50 “strange” matches
worldwide. According to Mr. Baranca, corruption can be seen in tennis
where the tennis player can get about €10 000 ($10,700) just for
the fact that he will lose his serve.

us remind that the Spanish club “Eldense” had lost to youth
team of Barcelona with the score 0:12. Right after the match the club
authorities declared that they terminate their cooperation with the
Italian investors, and also they cease all matches in the
championship before the end of investigation.

police is suspecting club of another four matches which could be
fixed ones. Five people were arrested, among them- the head coach of
team and the representative of investors who told about the
organization of fixed matches by the Italian mafia.

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