“Grand slams” — calendar and not calendar

Novak Djokovic's victory became the main event

The Serbian has finished “Career slam”, but other achievement is even more valuable – he has won the fourth tournament of “Grand Slam” in succession. Thus, he has made not calendar “Grand Slam”. When Serena Williams has for the first time taken four “Slams” in succession, it was called “Serena slam”, and now it is possible to speak about “Novak slam”.

The Serbian became the first tennis player who has managed to win four “Slams” in succession since 1969. Then at the very beginning of the Open era Rod Laver has achieved this in one year. Seven years before Rod has made one more “Grand Slam”. It is curious that Rod, possessing two “Grand Slams”, does not consider to be among the most great players in the history of tennis, and says that Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic are applying for this title.

And man record holder by quantity of titles in succession is Don Budge who beginning from 1937 till 1938 has taken six tournaments of “Grand Slam”. This happened when competitions had the amateur status.

And in girls at once three tennis-players have taken six “Slams” in succession. Maureen Connolly Brinker has made this in 1952-1953. Margaret Court has managed to achieve this result after the start of the Open era – in the 1969-1971. But the freshest are series of Martina Navratilova which has taken six titles in succession in 1983-1984.
Steffi Graf in 1988 has subdued “Golden Slam”, having won also the Olympic Games. After magnificent 1988 Steffi has begun the next year with victory in Australia. Series were interrupted on “Roland Garros” in 1989 where the German has conceded in the persistent final Aranche Sanchez-Vicario. Besides, Graff had a little more modest series consisting of four victories in 1993-1994. Serena Williams has twice achieved this result. The first time the American has made “not calendar slam” in 2002-2003, but she has finished the freshest last year on Wimbledon.

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