​Growth of TV-ratings of NFL will increase due to legalization of sports betting

Legalization of sports betting in the USA can contribute to increase in TV-ratings of National Football League (NFL) competitions

American Gaming Association (AGA) has published the results of the research work done by the company Nielsen. The results demonstrate the direct relation between the growth of interest of the Americans in TV broadcasts of NFL matches and legalization of betting in the country, as CalvinAyre informs.

According to the survey results, in which participated more than one thousand of full-aged Americans, sports betting fans had watched in 2015 19 NFL matches more than non-bettors.

More than that, bettors were watching each match of National Football League 11 minutes longer than simple audience. It was estimated that the number of TV viewers will grow from 40 to 57 million due to legalization of sports betting. Besides, nearly two thirds of respondents noted that they are more inclined to discuss the matches in social networks in case they made bets on them.

As the authors of the research work claim, about 44% of all bettors consider themselves to be the “keen” fans of American football, while among average Americans this index is 10%.

So, the American Gaming Association is actively lobbying the interests of sports betting fans for gambling legalization in the country. Recently, AGA has appointed Erik Balsbaugh to the post of Vice-President of Public Affairs. He is the veteran of the company with the experience in lobbying the interests of Dewey Square Group gambling companies

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