Guardiola Political problems

Guardiola Political problems

about political symbols in England arise regularly. In 2011 and 2016
red poppies were banned by FIFA which are the symbol of memory of
the victims of the military conflicts in the countries of the British
Commonwealth. In 2011 the English national team was allowed to play
friendly match with Spain in shirts with the image of red poppy only
after prince William and Premier-minister of Great Britain David
Cameron interfered with a situation. Five years later FIFA has banned
red poppy but national teams of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and
Northern Ireland ignored the ban and earned their penalties. In
November 2017 Memorial Day, fortunately, didn’t grow into scandal, as
FIFA changed regulations and agreed on some distinctions on gear if
they don’t contradict the ban on religious and political symbols.

Guardiola began to carry a yellow tape on overclothes in October. The
coach of Manchester City has linked this symbol with support of
political prisoners in Catalonia. It is interesting that the Football
association didn’t react to this gesture of Guardiola for a long
time. The coach of the Citizens was accused of use of political
symbols only on the 23rd
of February.

one more interesting fact emerged – the Spanish police have
searched the plane that belonged to Josep Guardiola. Police officers
expected to find in it the former president of Catalonia Carles
who ran away after the announcement of independence of Catalonia whom
Guardiola supported.

several days after being accused the press published the comments of
Guardiola on this situation. The coach of Manchester City warned the
Football association that he will continue to carry a yellow tape on
clothes. “I sympathize with people who are in prison. Any could
appear in such situation. They had no weapon, they just participated
in election. Don’t forget that first of all I am a person and the
coach”, – Guardiola said.

then Guardiola has changed the position. The Spaniard said that the
interests of the club are more important than his own interests and
that if Manchester City is threatened by any sanctions then he is
ready to stop wearing yellow tape. It is possible that Josep gave
these comments after discussion of the current situation with the

before several words about a yellow tape were said by the head of
Football association Glenn
He reported that it is necessary to understand accurately a boderline
between political and other symbols. Glenn told that red poppy
doesn’t have any political sense while the yellow tape which is
carried by Josep Guardiola is a direct symbol of independence of
Catalonia. The head of Football association is worried that if they
don’t take measures then in the future it is possible to face much
more radical symbols.

the 5th
of March Josep Guardiola agreed with charges of Football
association. At the same time the coach didn’t apologize for wearing
a yellow tape and he just obeyed to rules. It is interesting that
there are no regulations of UEFA concerning the ban to coaches to
carry such symbols therefore during the matches of the Champions
League we still will be able to see a tape on clothes of the coach of
Manchester City.

is no place to politics in football and Josep Guardiola wasn’t able
to jump over the rules of the Football association as well as to
bypass the rivals in the fight for a title of the Premier League.

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