Head of Federbet: fixed matching is taken place even in Champions League

Franchesko Baranka

The virus of fixed matching had spread over the whole Europe and invaded huge tournaments such as Champions League. Nevertheless as The Parliament Magazine is writing with the links to Franchesko Baranka the Federbet doesn’t have any evidences that this problem has any concerns to Euro -2016.

As it is spoken in Federbet annual report, that contains the data received from bookmakers, corruption is seen in different kinds of sport, including football, volleyball and tennis in which the problem of fixed matching is widely spread.

If we talk about football championships, suspicious matches have been noticed in Italian Seria A. Mr. Baranka had claimed that in corruption network were caught top clubs of the country “Milan” and “Napoli”. More than that the matter is about the club “Frozinone” that according to the words of Federbet, has participated in minimum 5 suspicious matches. Let us remember that under suspicion has got the match of the last tour season 2015/2016 between “Frozinone”and “Napoli” in which at the very beginning of the match the bet on football player of “Frozinone” disqualification has played.

The problem of fixed matching also involves the qualification stages of the Champions League And European League. Among other national championships where the corruption problem is widely spread Mr. Baranka has named the Championship of Greece, Malta, Portuguese and Romania.

“It is obvious that the players of weaker Leagues are holding back easily to corruption but this problem also involves qualification stages of Champions League and European League”,- the Head of Federbet has declared and added that the organizators of such matches receive great profit and remain in shadow.

The report of Baranka also deals with the question that in investigations of Federbet the elevation of the number of fixed matching in such kind of sport as tennis has been detected. In tennis, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and hockey this problem has catastrophic shape. More than that this happens in youth competitions and in women tournaments.
It should be noted that Mr. Baranka while his speech in Parliament had accused also “passive” reaction of national sport authorities regarding these accusations.
So in one case federation of volleyball of Croatia has demanded €5 000 ($5,600) for investigation the case of the national team of Croatia that was accused of participation in fixed matches.
But Baranka hopes that in 2016 the situation will start to change. The worked out system of monitoring has helped to move forward in fighting with fixed matching in Italian Seria B.
The head of Federbet has greeted new law concerning the fixed matching that was made in Ukraine where according to the data of organization such matches take place more often.
As all participants of the conference agreed the corruption can damage different kinds of sport and can lead to huge country profit losses. Only coordinated actions of sport federations, bookmakers, local authorities and countries that are collaborating with each other can help to save the integrity of sport and will help to fight with corruption and orginized criminality successfully.

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