Higuain and “Juventus” are in the triplet! 10 most expensive transfers in the history of football

Higuain and “Juventus” are in the triplet! 10 most expensive transfers in the history of football

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

10. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

From “Inter” to “Barcelona” for € 69.5m – 2009

Three years prior to this transaction “Inter” at a cheap rate has bought Zlatan from “Juventus” that was sent to Serie B. “Barca” has paid for Ibrahimovic great money, having overlapped the club record almost twice. Alas, the union of super forwarder and super club wasn’t long-lasting or productive. Zlatan didn’t get on the inside of the capital of Catalonia. He has an axe to grind with Messi and Guardiola and now he is criticizing them sharply. “Barca” had to sell Swede two years later 2.5 time cheaper to “Milan”.

Zinedine Zidane

9. Zinedine Zidane

From “Juventus” to “Real” for € 73.5m – 2001

The previous transfer record “Juventus” has made “on exit” and almost for 8 years it has been the biggest and the most expensive transfer in the history. By the way, “Real” didn’t lose – the marketing effect was a crazy one, the legendary football player is associated now with “Real”. And the victory of Zidane in the Champions League now as the coach has only added some splendid epithets to this union.

Kevin De Bruyne

8. Kevin De Bruyne

From “Wolfsburg” to “Manchester City” for € 74m – 2015

Before Higuain transfer this was the latest addition in top-10. At the final straight of the transfer campaign last summer, bosses from “City” had opened their purses and had shocked all by this unexpected transfer. For three years the Belgian has risen in price approximately by 10 times. “Chelsea” has bought him for 8 million and “Wolfsburg” – for 22 million and “citizens” have paid so much money that hardly anyone is able to pay for Kevin. But if you separate yourself from the team failures, the first season on “Etihad” was rather good.

James Rodriguez

6-7. James Rodriguez

From “Monaco” to “Real” for € 75m – 2014

The World Cup has raised the price of James approximately twice and has loaded “Monaco” with money. However, Monegasque had to cough up good sum of money while purchasing him from “Porto”. There were a lot of talks two years ago: is the game worth the candle? There is no answer even now – very ambiguous impression is often made by the halfback of “Real”. But his market price, according to Transfermarkt does not fall.

Angel Di Maria

6-7. Angel Di Maria

From “Real” to “Manchester United” for € 75m – 2014

Having bought James for 75million, with the same sum of money “Real” has sold Di Maria to “Manchester United”. The Argentine has frayed relations with football fans and with Ancelotti, but the quality of his performance as the part of the Madrid team doesn’t cause special complaints. But in the “Manchester United” that had pretty heavy times he didn’t manage to find himself and van Gaal wasn’t able to find the key to Angel’s integration into the game system. That was a good deal that “PSG” had bought him without huge money loss.

Luis Suarez

5. Luis Suarez

From “Liverpool” to “Barcelona” for € 81.72m – 2014

One more super transfer of summer 2014. Neither the scandalous reputation of Suarez nor the disqualification that was valid for two more months were able to confuse “Barca”. The Catalans have almost repeated the transfer record of Neymar – and didn’t lose at all. In “Barca” Suarez has raised the bar and has proved to be not only the perfect goal-scorer but also the perfect team player.


4. Neymar

From “Santos” to “Barcelona” for € 88.2m – 2013

Dirty schemes that were used in the procedure of the transfer registration have not made it less significant. While the first year in “Barcelona” had given some reasons to sympathize with Catalans – they said, they believed the add and have overpaid a lot – then everything had fallen into place and now it is as difficult to imagine the Catalans without Neymar as without …not Messi, of course, but Busquets , for example.

Higuain3. Gonzalo Higuain

From “Napoli” to “Juventus” for € 90m – 2016

And here is the main transfer of this summer so far. Never “Juventus” and any club of a Serie A at all were able to afford such luxury as purchase for 90m. Before this the record belonged to Buffon: 52.88m for goal-keeper transfer is also a great sum of money but still the sum is almost twice smaller. Higuain has spent great season with “Napoli” but there are enough skepticism concerning his transfer. And in Naples Gonzalo’s t-shirts are being burnt. Certainly, it is difficult to ‘Juventus” to buy the forwarder for such money. And the matter is not just in the fact that Morata is leaving but in the fact that Pogba is planning to move to “Manchester United” and his transfer is going to join the top-10 of the most expensive transfers becoming number 1 – the sides are still bargaining at the point of 120m.

Cristiano Ronaldo

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

From “Manchester United” to “Real” for € 94m – 2009

The bosses of “Real” were trying “to lay” Bale’s transfer in 94m in order to preserve the record for Ronaldo but they didn’t manage to do so – the Welshman has overtopped the Portuguese. The record of Cristiano was valid for almost 5 years – nice period of time. So, the deal, of course, had many times paid for itself. Ronaldo has won with “Real” everything he could and it was Madrid, where he became the player-symbol and the player-legend.

Gareth Bale

1. Gareth Bale

From “ Tottenham Hotspur” to “Real” for € 101m – 2013

The well-known obstinacy of the owner of “spurs” Levi at negotiations had given the results – “Real” had to pay fantastic sum of money and also had to draw a set of additional conditions. But Bale has proved that he is the top-player and that he is worth to be paid for nine-digit sum of money. And Euro-2016 with sensation of Wales has only strengthened this impression.

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