How will the squad of Real change after Zidane’s return?

Zizou is in Real

Zizou is in Real

The fans of “Royal” club have exhaled as media was promising the comeback of another “new-old” coach more loudly – José Mourinho or the second chance for Santiago Solari. But the calendar shows the middle of March, and Real deprived of all tournament tasks has invited Zinedine Zidane.

The contract with the French expert is signed till summer 2022 and he has already started to carry out his new duties. Even there appears a small chance to fight for the champion’s title: only 12 points are needed to catch Barcelona. Such lags can be won back.

However Zidane began to work right after Valladolid “referee’s” defeat not for the sake of present La Liga. It is necessary to evaluate the squad. It is important to understand who is ready to continue the fight for Real, who is already the passenger.

It is necessary to pave the way for future top transfers. The next season will be entered by full-fledged “Royal” club and all will wait victories from it. These are: the Champions League, the championship of Spain, other cups in which Zidane was winning for 2.5 years.

Zizou came to what he escaped from 10 months ago but now he has the transfer opportunities and carte blanche. Otherwise he wouldn’t be enticed on the ruins which were left after Lopetegi and Solari.

Now the most important thing is to decide with whom they will go to former greatness. Gambling&Sports portal considers what will change after Zidane’s return.

Players to live the team 

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The Welshman is the first person of whom Zidane has to get rid. Every second fan of Real supports this idea as well as the good half of experts. Gareth Bale is constantly injured, fails important matches and he isn’t working in defense, playing as if separately from his team. In summer the Welshman will celebrate his 30th Birthday and for sure he will celebrate anniversary not in Madrid. Zidane, of course, has a huge carte blanche in Madrid but its decision to keep Bale will hardly be understood.

Luka Modrić

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Love can’t be ordered. Luka wants to change scenery for a long time and significant shifts are going to occur in the Real center field. The Spanish diaspora which was great with Zidane will want to take the first roles. It is easier to let Modrić go to Italy, having earned on him at the same time. The Croat has passed his glory peak in the World Cup, besides we will remind you about his age. Luka is able to drag “Royal” club so far but we doubt that next season he will stay with Real.


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The Brazilian is 3 years younger than Modrić, however he began to lose the competition even earlier. Because of injuries Marcelo, Sergio Reguilón can’t use their chances. And next season the edges of Real will face unreal density about which we will tell a little bit later. If the Brazilian wants to go to Juventus, it is easier to let him go. By the way, Zidane didn’t say anything about the return of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Frenchman will have new leaders.


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He just couldn’t get accustomed. He was great in Lyon but didn’t suit Real. Many consider that it about Karim Benzema but we speak about Mariano Díaz. One goal in eight matches, regular injuries. Karim has 12 scored goals more in La Liga. Bearing in mind Zidane’s “love” to the compatriot, it is possible to understand who will play in the starting line-up. Besides, the attack line will really become stronger.

Who will remain


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During Real last season headed by Zidane Isco spent 30 La Liga matches. It is the third result of the whole team after Karim Benzema and Lucas Vázquez. The Spanish football player after Zidane’s return will obviously begin to work on losing his weight and gaining his physical fit. Personal Solari’s half-words are left behind.


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The Costa Rican keeper has recently prolonged the contract with Real. It appeared that the idea was good. Maybe he was able to predict Zidane’s return. Zizou infinitely trusted Keylor Navas and Navas was great in the most important matches of the Champions League. Besides, Zinedine has never asked for a new goalkeeper from Perez. Courtois with his constant missed goals has to think seriously. Keylor Navas has more chances to become the first number on paper.


He is a universal soldier of Zidane. He was used in any position in defense and never demanded the regular game in the starting line up. Nacho’s positions have strongly reeled after a series of mistakes. Ajax didn’t notice the full back at all. We have learned about existence of the Spaniard on the field only after the most stupid send-off. Zidane certainly will try to inhale confidence into Nacho. The full Back will find his place near the Frenchman.

Acquisition candidates


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He is new Cristiano Ronaldo. Zidane needs the unconditional leader, the prima of his team. The player with whom Zizou will be able to consult, understanding the atmosphere of the team. This person can certainly (has to) be Eden Hazard. The Belgian is on a peak of his opportunities, he is dragging the Blues and the national team and is ready to become the first star of world football. Only Real can present him such a chance. Zidane’s appointment has to add speeds to Hazard’s moving to Madrid.


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Real Madrid is seriously planning to plunder Chelsea which has got under the transfer ban. Real has every chance to do this. Modrić, Bale and Marcelo’s sale will not allow getting under financial fair play and a possibility to take part in raising of Real on former heights side by side with Zidane will become the gift for each football player. More than that, Chelsea plans to fight in the Europa League for two years in a row. Zizou considers the question of buying N’golo to be as important, as Hazard’s transfer.


One more football player with whom Real has almost come to an agreement. Now the Serbian forward belongs to Benfica and scores for Eintracht but the “Royal” club negotiates the transfer price. It is possible to tell about JOVIĆ briefly. For 23 matches of Bundesliga Luka has gained 15 + 6 by the system goal+pass. The main rival of Real in a fight for the Serbian is Barcelona.

Returns from loan


The Moroccan got stronger for the last year. He left Madrid being talented winger and now he is considered one of the best full backs of Bundesliga. For 19 matches he assisted 4 times and scored two goals. One of the most passing German full backs. The skilled Portuguese Raphaël Guerreiro either rises above, or doesn’t play at all. Hakimi has spent 3 World Cup matches. Ashraf got experience and is ready to demonstrate the new defense wing of Real Madrid.


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Both will return powerful density on defense wings. Sergio Reguilon and Álvaro Odriozola is nervously shuddering, understanding the competition. Teo Hernandez is now playing for Real Sociedad, statistics isn’t as good as Hakimi’s but he has spent more La Liga matches than any of his rivals. The Frenchman is considered to be one of the most talented players of his generation. It is a high time to impress Zizou.


All Chelsea half-backs are moving to Madrid. Mateo Kovačić can’t be bought back though Sarri wants to keep him in London very much. The Croat has regular game practice, improves football skill in the most dynamic league of the world. This is an excellent choice of Madrilenians. Luka Modrić hasn’t been sold yet and substitute (as far as it is possible) is ready already and even progresses.

Everything is amazing on paper. The next campaign for the Champions League title?

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