Judicial lawlessness in England: analysis of match Arsenal – Burnley

Judicial lawlessness in England: analysis of match Arsenal - Burnley

Mike Dean has been banished recently in the Championship where he has already managed to make the first-rate blunder. After the match that was held on Monday between Arsenal and Burnley also Jonathan Moss can lose in class.

Shkodran Mustafi was one of the most active football players from Arsenal in match with Burnley. The German defender has not only scored beautiful header, but also came under the spotlight of wrong decisions of Jonathan Moss.

Mustafi has caught two facers from the rivals – at first from Ashley Barnes …

… and then from Samuel Vokes.

In both cases Jonathan Moss had to use sanctions against ruffians, but he has not even noticed the violation in situation with Vokes.

Also there was an episode when Moss had to give a penalty kick into the gates of Burnley for Andre Gray’s foul against Mustafi.

The winning goal of Arsenal has also turned to become disputable. Laurent Koscielny, of course, has caught a facer from Mee Ben, but at the time of throwing from depth the French defender was in offside.

It’s a high time to recollect the fact that in the first round Arsenal has also pulled out victory over Burnley during the injury time. Then Laurent Koscielny has also “shined”, having played with hand.

What about the red card for Granit Xhaka, from different angles the episode can be interpreted in different ways. There was extreme situation between yellow and red card, but Jonathan Moss has decided to make more serious decision. Xhaka who rushed too aggressively to Defour’s legs when the moment was not appropriate, is surely guilty of it. You should not forget that in football rules there is such a concept as “reckless behavior”. That is intentionally the rough tackle can be violation even in case the direct contact between football players did not happen. And Xhaka ‘s reputation has played its role – from 2014 he has already caught 9 red cards.

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