Juventus ultras have suspended their strike

Juventus ultras have suspended their strike

Radical part of Juventus fans will support the team in a return leg of the 1/8 Champions League finals against Atletico.

The fans of Juventus are experiencing some kind of a “break” this season. The most active part of fans, so-called ultras were making silent strikes during each home match. They were fighting against an increase in tickets’ prices and losses of own importance in club hierarchy.

The conflict grew worse last Friday during the match between Juventus and Udinese when ultras began to exchange curses with other fans of the team. At night graffiti in which the president Andrea Agnelli was called “worm”, and ordinary fans — “room animals” appeared on the walls of the stadium.

Now representatives of ultras have published the statement that the match with Atletico will become an exception and fans will support their team from the very first minutes.

The match Juventus vs Atletico will take place on March, 12. The first match finished with the win of the Spanish club with the score (2:0).

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