Leicester is a Champion encrowned by Hiddink

Leicester is a Champion encrowned by Hiddink

Any result except the winning of “Tottenham” ensures the first place for “Leicester” based on the results of the season. It is interesting bu Ranieri was not planning to spend the evening in front of the TV set watching the game of the rival team. The Italian went to Rome in order to visit his 97 years old mother and his return flight to Leicester was exactly at the time the match started at “Stamford Bridge”.

“We have to watch this game between “Chelsea”-“Tottenham”, -said the midfielder of “Leicester” Marc Albrighton. – We can’t ignore it. All team will be watching this game and I think that we spend the whole night together.

The fans of “Chelsea” ,Raniere was working with for 4 seasons, wanted very much that their team did a bad turn to the neighbour team and made the “Leicester” the winner. Before the match they have put the banner near the stadium as the reminder to Hiddink that “Chelsea” has never lost a game at home to “Tottenham” for 26 years already. Disqualification of the key player Bamidele Alli could probably simplify the task for the guests. The defender of “Chelsea” John Terry in his interview before the Derby has supported the fans.

While choosing the team of a year for PFA I included in my variant a lot of players from “Leicester”,-said Terry. – Scmeichel, Drinkwater, Marez, Huth, Morgan, Kante – all of them were in my team, because they have achieved good results. I support “Leicester” and wish this team good luck!”.

The highest nervous overstrain was felt starting the first minutes of the match. The coach Mark Clattenburg had to stop the match several times in order to have some prophylactic talks with the players of both teams.

More than half-time it was necessary to wait for acute moments. During the careful game with advantages of “Chelsea” in ball excellence some kind of acuteness was happening after standard positions.

Gary Cahil headed a goal reacting on the corner kick performed by Francesc Fabregas. William and Fabregas unsuccessfully performed several potential penalty movements.

Local conflicts continued to appear on the field here and there all the time. In one episode Kyle Walker has pushed Pedro and when the Spaniard fell the Englishman has leg-kicked him on the quiet. But the yellow card Walker received because of foul on Pedro done later in the 27th minute. And it should be mentioned that the attack of “Chelsea” didn’t end in penalty but in real chance for the host team to move forward. Rose was not able to block the kick of Fabregas- the ball slipped through the legs of a defender, but “Tottenham” was lucky that day.

After this more open football began and goal moments started to happen both at the gates of Asmir Begovic playing instead of disqualified Thibout Courtois and at the gates of Hugo Lloris. The guests managed to perform center kick. Erik Pamela made the through-ball on Harry Kane, the fan of “Leicester” Terry has slowed by making the offside and the best kicker of EPL was able to score his 25th goal in the Championship.

Heung-Min Son has buried several chances but at the 44th minute the Korean has punished the host team for a gap in defense with the second goal.

Hiddink has made some changes during the break: Pedro instead of Eden Azar, who was the author of double one tour earlier. “Chelsea” was trying to save the game by pressing and force attacking but the passion of host team has met the better organized rival team actions. Kane could made the score high and in this case the intrigue would be destroyed under 1 hour. But instead of doing this “Tottenham” has missed after standard. William has passed the corner kick and Cahill was braver and aggressive than defenders in fighting for the goal and he has scored it! The stopper goal became for the host team strong emotional doping.
“Chelsea ” was doing the best it could but of course players were failing to save the gates against the “Tottenham” attacks. The wonderful moment the team of Hiddink has organized just before end of the regular time. Diego Costa has met a cross from the left of Cesar Azpilicueta but the bouncing made by defender played against the Brazilian. “Tottenham” has answered: Begovic has met the kick of fresh Rayan Mason at point-blank.

But “Chelsea” has saved almost hopeless 0:2! The goal attack was started with effective dribbling and ended by Azar himself. He gave the pass to Diego Costa, than received from the attacker the return pass and by delicate kick he scored the goal. By doing so he put “Stamford Bridge” into a tizz. Emotions were as strong as they were during the first time, conflicts showed out Clottenburg. The last action of Pochettino was the decision to let the forward play instead of a defender but this didn’t change the result. The miracle has happened: “Leicester” is a Champion!

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