Leonel Aguero scored hat-trick and missed two penalties. Referees support Monchengladbach

Leonel Aguero scored hat-trick and missed two penalties. Referees support Monchengladbach

The team of “citizens” was lacking of Hart, who was warming the bench and Yaya Toure, whose name wasn’t in application form. In comparison with the Saturday match with “Sunderland”, Guardiola has rebuilt the defense, having returned Otamendi and sent Zabaleta and Kolarova (who was playing in center three days earlier) to the wings.

In the half way line and in attack everything remained as it was because the coaches are busy with introduction of new game principles. So far, the football players of “Manchester City” perfectly control the ball and create a lot of moments and at the same time, they make so many unextorted mistakes which are rather unusual for such top club. Due to these mistakes, “Steaua” has led several dangerous attacks during the debut match. And there were some problems with the penalty shots. Sterling and Kolarov have earned them but Aguero has nullified all efforts of his partners. In the first case, the Romanian hero of the evening Niţă has played brilliantly and got the ball from the lower corner.

Well, British football players haven’t forgotten how to score in a game and they have converted all their advantages and Sterling has learned best of all the demands of Guardiola. And for the first time he was playing for “City” he became the author of two assists by the half-time. Particularly, the pass on Silva should be named which was preceded by the effective overplay of defender. The second one was the simple pass to the partner but the simplicity has not cancelled the importance of the moment – from the penalty line Aguero hasn’t missed.

The second half had definitely made from this return match a pure formality. Helplessness of the defense of “Steaua” with the former spartacist Tamas was once again demonstrated by De Bruyne. The Belgian during the positional attack by one pass has taken Nolito toe to toe. The official Twitter of the Champions League gave the proper answers to the field events. And Aguero has finally crashed the hosts and rehabilitated himself for misses from “point”. Moreover, “Manchester City” for the first time has scored 5 goals in away Euro Cup match.

Sommer won at home

“Young boys” – “Borussia” M – 1:3 (Suleymani, 56 – Raffael, 11. Hahn, 67. Rocha, 69, his gates).

A month ago these teams have played the friendly match that ended with the rare even for sparrings score 3:3. In the official match the productivity was a little bit lower, though during the first half the rivals have created only 5 shots with joint efforts and only two of them went on target. One was productive. Torgan Azar who has scored in July two goals has hung on Raffael and the Brazilian has sent a ball to the nearest corner.

Hosts, having sensationally defeated in the previous round “Shakhter”, for the first time had harassed the goalkeeper of “Monchengladbach” Sommer after the half-time. The goalkeeper of the national team of Switzerland who has arrived to the native country easily coped with two shots and was not able to deal with the third one. Suleymani after Ravet’s low cross, was shooting gates from the six-yard box.

“Young boys” team was destroyed by the ambiguous decision of the Nicola Rizzoli referee team. Hahn who has just came off the bench during the pass by Stindl was in definite offside, but the assistant of chief referee whether hasn’t noticed this, whether has considered that to the midfielder the ball came from the rival’s defender. The football players who were still deeply shocked were finished in 1.5 minutes by Raffael who has ended the pass of Wendt. It seems that in this couple everything is also clear.

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