Liverpool went all-in in the match in Munich due to what it can lose

Liverpool went all-in

The fight of Liverpool and Bayern after draw procedure of the pairs of 1/8 finals seemed to be the most intriguing. Two top clubs setting the highest tasks for themselves. What can be more interesting? The first meeting took place in England so the English club had more chances.

Watching this match, we didn’t believe that was Liverpool. The team, that the whole world is admiring. Where was the hurricane which is taking down everything on the way?

It seemed, that squad losses had to induce Jurgen Klopp to rely more on attack. The pair Matip – Fabinho in the center of defense didn’t seem to be reliable. However instead of going to score, Liverpool was dreaming of not to miss.

Step by step we started to believe that 0:0 in general will suit both teams. Bayern was considered to be an underdog. They were dreaming of not to miss 3 goals as Borussia has missed last week! And in general the team of Kovač has some problems so their motivation was clear. And why Liverpool didn’t rush in attack, remained the riddle.

Probably, Klopp is sure that in Munich his players will score. One goal scored during away match is considered for two, especially, in the situation of goalless draw in the first match. However this is very risky. Bayern can score some goals on home ground. We agree that the football club from Munich is not in its perfect gaming condition but experience and home stands can help. If Liverpool is losing to Crvena zvezda, then why Bayern is worse?

Liverpool vs Bayren

The return match in Munich has to become brighter. Liverpool, for certain, will try to win, will bare backs into which football players of Bayern will invade. Exchange of goals is possible and the purposes of teams will be obvious and clear. The hosts should simply score more and the guests – not less, than to miss.

Though the task of Bayern nevertheless is slightly more difficult, it seemed, that for them it will be slightly simpler. At least for the reason that no one is waiting for the same success as from Liverpool. The fans of Liverpool are dreaming about the champion’s title or at least about the Champions Cup.

Bayern as an obvious underdog can achieve at home that result which is necessary. Now Bayern if not a favorite of this pair, then definitely not such an underdog as it seemed a month ago.

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