Long live the King! Last affair of Totti

Long live the King! Last affair of Totti

Totti is the captain of the football club. The irreplaceable leader
of club had played his last match on the 28th
of May. Gambling & Sports proposes its readers to immerse into the
atmosphere which predominated in the souls of Italian football fans
of Roma before and after “Olimpico”.


cameras at “Olimpico” were constantly catching two banners
devoted to Francesco Totti. “No Totti no party” – this in
many respects the simple phrase became a peculiar symbol of Roma. For
the last 20 years without Totti really nothing interesting was
happening. If Francesco weren’t in Rome, he probably would be worth
thinking up.

second Roma had created Totti’s cult and he also didn’t betray his
club. Never ever. And he didn’t even dare to play with the feelings
of the Italian football fans, thinking about the perspective transfer
to Manchester City or Real Madrid. PSG was very close in negotiations
with Totti but it was impossible to move him from his native place
even having enormous finance and an opportunity to enrich the
collection of trophies.

Rome (and in “Roma “as well) Totti became the same place of
interest as Fontana di Trevi or the Colosseum. With only one
difference- nobody throws coins into Totti and nobody scrapes sand
from him. And these are all differences. Crowds of fans as well as
foreigners are dreaming of seeing Totti and two above mentioned
miracles of Rome.

will I forget one interesting history that has happened to me in
September, 2011. During my stay in Rome I visited more than one shop
with sports stuff. Having appeared on popular tourist street (Via del
Corso) and having entered the football shop I started a conversation
with the stuff seller. The slip of the tongue of the cheerful Italian
was, probably, according to Freud: “You support Totti or Lazio?”

You support Totti or Lazio?

second banner at “Olimpico” was glorifying Totti as a King. “Il
Re di Roma”. It is short and what is the most important, quite
appropriate. He was really the King of Rome. Even if he spends a
minute quantity of time during the season. It is not important
whether deservedly or unfairly. The history of two last years has
gathered so much unpleasant and smelly matters that sooner or later
the wound would break.


all blasphemy of the situation there are a lot of voices in Rome
recognizing that Totti’s leaving Roma now… will restore the
situation. Since 1993 the moment of the debut in a camp of “she-wolf”
Francesco had gained his authority. Head coaches of opponent teams
not even mentioning his own teachers reckoned with him. There was a
big question who orchestrated a game in a locker room of “she-wolf”.
Who had the last word? During the first coming of Luciano Spalletti
to Rome the relationship of the coach and King were far from being
ideal. The situation was saved by Spalletti’s sharp mind: having been
left without forwards, Luciano has made of Totti “the wandering
forward” with the tactical scheme +0. It was the forerunner of
the well-known Spanish “false nine” with which “the
red fury” were winning all large international tournaments since
2008 up to the Brazilian failure in 2014.

phrase which is used in heading is very ambiguous. And ambiguous is
the situation in Roma. It is unclear, who was a prisoner? Spalletti
who has incited against himself the Roman stands and Totti or after
all Totti who couldn’t force the head coach to let him act in the
field. The fact that between Spalletti and Totti something had
happened became known in February 2016. Totti recovered from an
injury and before a game with Palermo has given a furious interview:
“I can’t bear this anymore. I don’t understand why should I
stay in Roma as a substitute player. I am good now. The trauma that I
got in autumn doesn’t hurt anymore. I want to play! But I don’t play.
Only because the coach has decided that I don’t play. It is
terrible for me not to play … Yes, I perfectly understand that it
is really hard to spend 90 minutes on the field. But on the other
hand did I really deserve such career ending? I have given to Roma so
many forces that I have the right for some respect!

Spalletti … We say each other “good morning” and “good
evening”. And that is all. He tells about me beautiful things in
press but never in my face … I respect him as a coach and I
consider that he is worth of being the coach of Roma. But … My
contract expires in June. I wait for news from the president of club
James Palotta. We will sit and negotiate and we will listen to each
other. I hope that bosses will be honest with me”.

has packed his things and left the training camp before the game
against Sicilians. Fans were shocked but Spalletti calmly reacted on
all angry calls of media – the one who is strong at the moment is
playing. Actually Francesco Totti began to understand his age even
before Spalletti’s coming. Rudi Garcia has changed the scheme of
Roma to 4+3+3 one. High-speed and force wings were the mainstream of
the French expert and Totti as if he was great airship in the company
of quick modern airplanes was making every time his small technical
miracles. He was lacking speed and physics but Totti was always
famous for the non-standard thinking and sometimes such passes and
absolute authority were helpful in difficult situations.

Francesco Totti


felt like a real elephant in a china shop sitting on a bench.
Spalletti was insisting – Totti was playing less and less. When in
September 2016 after several months Totti has prolonged the agreement
with Roma for one season his wife Ilary Blasi has called Spalletti
“the little man” and it became clear that the conflict is
still opened but in order to avoid its development the sides took a

was trying to become “the playing coach” for the last years of
his career. The process of negotiations with Miralem Pjanić was
useless after the Bosnian was tempted with the Turin perspectives.
Being in reserve he didn’t even dress up as he understood well that
Spalletti won’t let him play. As a result for the whole season Totti
has spent exactly 364 minutes. Only Juan Iturbe and Gérson had less
minutes in Roma.

nevertheless, even despite his age this Roma was lacking Totti
terribly. Having appeared on the field for the last time in a t-shirt
of Roma Totti participated in the goal attacks, constantly aggravated
and created the moments, and once nearly scored a goal to Genoa. It
is hard to say now how there would be Totii’s performance if in his
two last seasons for “she-wolf” Spalletti was more loyal to
the legend.

evening after the game with Genoa was magnificent. The family came to
him and treated Totti with tasty cake according to the recipe of his
wife – the fan of Lazio by the way. Totti bites off a tasty piece of
cake with a theatrical gesture on the camera and said: “Did I
finish a career? I haven’t told this yet”. You can understand
this phrase as you want but most likely Totti is just joking. We
can’t imagine him in the system of the other club.

Morning. Francesco had a rest with his family and the second half of
the day he spent in Trigoria, in a training camp of Roma. This time
Francesco was only helping his son Christian to attend classes in
academy of Roma. As soon as Francesco crossed the territory of
Trigoria the press service of Roma has sent the news to information
agencies about the renewal of the contract with Strootman and the
forthcoming meeting of Spalletti, Monchi and Gandini. Around
“Emperor” (you waited for this nickname from the very
beginning of article) is still built the entire life of Roma.

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