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Antonio Conte can be fired

did the recent triumphant of the “Stamford Bridge” provoked
the management of the club? And why does the coach who doesn’t have
experience of big champion victories has to become the new coach of
the winner of EPL last season?

is easy to answer the first question. Prior to a new season Antonio
Conte had a conflict with an idol of Chelsea Diego Costa. And using
the given authority, Antonio has pointed Spanish goal-scorer to the
door. And until recently Diego Costa together with Eden Hazard,
Oscar, Willian and Nemanja Matić were irreplaceable players of the
starting line-up.

Oscar and Nemanja Matić are now playing in other teams.
Simultaneously, we see absolutely strange situation with Eden Hazard.
The Spanish royal club really wants him. And in this situation when
there is practically no leader left in the attack line of Chelsea
when it is clear that Álvaro Morata who was signed for €65 million
is not worth this sum of money, Antonio Conte initiates the conflict
with the top scorer of Chelsea and demands from the management of
club new hundreds of millions of euros for strengthening the squad.

will be pleased with such situation? But why Thomas Tuchel who hasn’t
won as for today any champion title?

history of the European and world football knows the names of more
titled and skilled experts, than the former head coach of Mainz
(2009-2014) and Borussia Dortmund (2015-2017). However here, even if
the question is so difficult the most accurate answer is known to all
fans of football.

problem is, how humiliating and inconsiderately FC Chelsea was
dismissing all famous coaches: José Mourinho (twice), Luiz Felipe
Scolari, Roberto Di Matteo and… Carlo Ancelotti who has
accidentally learned about his resignation on the official web site
of the club. It is unlikely that after such dismissals top experts
are eager to work for “Stamford Bridge”…

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