Manchester clubs are killing English football

Manchester clubs are killing English football

Manchester is the city in the northwest of England with the population slightly more than 2.5 million people in which two richest football clubs of England (taking the third and fourth place in the world among “money-bags”) are located.

Both clubs are working for many years under close observation of financial fair play that does not prevent them from blowing up the transfer market stronger than Real Madrid. But this policy of financial impunity and limitlessness in means pushes the English football into a degradation state.

The closest rivals which are capable to compete with Manchester clubs in financial plan are Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. In the summary table of the richest football clubs of the world they take the place from the sixth on the eighth.

But between them and City that takes the fourth place is an abyss in more than €50 million. The London clubs lost a lot of money from sponsor’s contracts and investments last year. It was due to the problems in England that the Russian owners of these teams experienced some difficulties.

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And as a result Alisher Usmonov has sold the greatest part of his Arsenal’s shares. Liverpool was the only club which could compete in respect of finance and transfers with City and United carried out the most large-scale and expensive selection for the last few years last summer.

However, the Manchester clubs were not able to shine that time because of financial verifications that does not prevent them from having two and even three starting line-ups for financially, physically and morally expensive English football.

What is the main reason that Manchester clubs are killing the English football? It still lies in the financial plane. Small and average English football clubs are not capable to sustain the competition to these giants.

The example of Leicester only confirms the rule. Both City and MU have been repeatedly weakening the direct rivals for the last few years: Sterling – Liverpool, Walker – Tottenham, Matić – Chelsea, Sanchez – Arsenal. Except purchases from the rivals, both clubs have been pressing on main rivals with money in fight for this or that player from other championship or in case of a purchase from the mid level EPL football club (Marez from Leicester, Stones from Everton). Arsène Wenger in one of his interview complained that Arsenal cannot fight for the player with Manchester clubs as it doesn’t matter how much money the Gunners would give as they will give more.

The situation of Morgan Schneiderlin who has practically made an agreement with the Spurs is quite indicative. MU has appeared and in one day it has changed completely that situation by having paid more and taken away the football player.

England witnessed scandals connected with the fact that the Manchester teams conducted negotiations with the players who had contract in force with other clubs a few years ago.

Manchester clubs are able to spend more than €150 million for one transfer window. City and MU have two staring line-ups full of high quality, highly paid football players.

This fact allows them to take part in several tournaments at once without serious consequences, considering high intensity and saturation of the calendar for English teams. This is an important factor.

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They can say that Leicester won the champion’s title without powerful line up. Yes, but the Foxes have quickly left the Cup tournaments and have focused only on the championship. Taking into consideration different factors they have managed to gain some head which they have nearly lost at the very end.

And next season when the team was forced to play on two fronts (the Foxes have lost the Cups as well) without two starting line ups they weren’t ready to such situation and nearly left the EPL.

This year Manchester United has slipped at the very beginning of the season. There were subjective factors: after Mourinho’s dismissal football players didn’t even hide the fact that they were sabotaging the games. José’s smart money equaled to the transfer budget of some teams of the Premier League.

Unlimited financial opportunities of the teams from Manchester allow them to hire out any coach who will interest the bosses of these teams and to execute every financial or transfer desire.

If in the next years financial fair play doesn’t stop greedy Manchester teams we fear that the original English championship will turn into the conditional championship of Italy where Juventus is playing and all others are keeping company.

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