​Manchester United with great difficulties won over Zorya

​Manchester United with great difficulties won over Zorya

Thursday is a traditional day of the Europa League. Though top-clubs of the European football are playing in the Champions League, in the second by the importance continent club tournament are also playing some top-clubs. “Manchester United” in this season is fighting for victory in the Europa League. “Red devils” have lost away match in the first round to “Feyenoord” and now were hunger to get three points from home match against Ukrainian “Zorya”.

“Zorya” had all chances to open the score at the very beginning. Guests have created quick counterattack, Petryak pulled it back to onrushing Ljubenovic, but he got underneath it and fired well over. Of course, it was the only time as “Manchester United” owned the ball for the rest of the time. Hosts were attacking actively and shot, but Shevchenko’s woodwork avoided sharp goal actions. “Zorya” tried to act on counterattacks, but such scoring chances as Ljubenovic had, it couldn’t create.

In the middle of time “Manchester United” at last had created couple of really good goal chances. At first, Ibrahimovic lined up a free-kick from distance, and after ricochet the ball came above the bar. After the penalty high cross the ball came to Rashford who kicked very strongly, but the ball touched the bar.

“Red devils” still possessed the ball, but similar chances near the woodwork of “Zorya” didn’t happen again. If we speak about the half-chances, the goalkeeper of “Zorya” easily coped with them. As for the Ukrainians, their counterattacks plainly did not reach Romero’s side. Half time: “Zorya” “Manchester United” 0:0. “Zorya” was definitely glad.

At the beginning of the second half the Ukrainians had created potentially dangerous counterattack, but unsuccessful serve on Sobol destroyed the chance. Soon after the counterattack Ljubenovic lost the chance to score. What about “Red devils”, they couldn’t create anything. They attacked much less and were very slow.

In the middle of the second half “Zorya” had an excellent scoring chance to hammer. After the wing high cross Ibrahimovic has kicked out ball from the penalty area on Paulinho’s leg who had punched in far corner. However, Romero had saved the team, and almost immediately “Manchester United” has hammered. “Red devils” have carried out the long attack – Rooney lost his chance to shoot and the ball came to Ibrahimovic who headed the opener. It is interesting that it was the first shoot on target of “MU” in this match.

At the end of match the team from Luhansk tried to score, and it really had chances to do so. Ten minutes till the end of the match Fellaini had kicked out at Lipartia on the penalty line. Lipartia shot from the standard, but higher than it was necessary. “Red devils” at the end did not hurry at all, sometimes they even were killing the clock. “Zorya” had chances to punish “Manchester United”. After Kamenyuka’s cross, Paulinho didn’t manage to kick the ball.

So, the score has not changed any more. The next match in frames of the Europa League “Manchester United” will play on 20th of October, however it is hardly possible that José Mourinho will bet on match against “Fenerbahçe”. The matter is that the match with “Fenerbahçe” is scheduled just between the period of the most important matches of Premier League. Before “Fenerbahçe” “MU” will meet with “Liverpool”, and then with “Chelsea”. As for “Zorya”, during the next round of the Europa League the team will play away match with Feyenoord”.

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