Mangala: the victory in Champions League was always an orienting point for Manchester City

Victory in Champions League is an orienting point for Man City

“I think that zero draw in the first match-a good result. We were defending well and didn’t miss a goal-this was very important for us. Every match is a new history. We have to play with complete concentration and realize the moments when we have a chance.

Our aim is to win the Champions League. This always was an orienting point. We are progressing and want to continue to do so. We do not want to stop at semi-final and think that we have achieved a lot. We want more. We want to play in final match and we are close to it now. I am proud of what the team has achieved. To play in semi-final and be in one step from the final and even probably win the Champions League is something special for any football player. This moment is so important for all us and for my career”,- the press-service of UEFA is quoting Mangala.

The return match between “Real” and “Manchester City” will start on the 4th of May in Madrid.

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