“Match fixing” gangrene. Criminal betting syndicates-win the fight with the authorities


his conclusion can be drawn from the recent report of the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD). Authorities of even the most developed states are not effective enough to fight with this gangrene. “Gambling and Sports” believes that” match fixing “is so deeply rooted in the system of pro-sports, that little time is left until the shadow manipulations will simply negate the principles of sportsmanship.

“Fixed matches’ under the control of these who can read the laws

Now many sports leagues in the most different corners of the planet become more and more similar to a theatrical stage. The main “specific” sporting venues for earnings of perfectly organized international criminal syndicates — football, tennis, basketball and cricket. It is especially bitter to realize that the “game number one” that is loved by all of us gradually is turning into circus of “vagrant actors” under the leadership of experienced puppeteers.

The OECD target group on counteraction to illegal trade in the report has placed emphasis that in 2016 the authorities even of the majority of economically developed states absolutely inadequately perceive threat of a corruption component of sports competitions. According to authors, even in the Western European countries with their remarkably developed legal system at state institutions there is the lack of financial and human resources for professional counteraction to “fixed matches” business.

«This business is controlled not by unshaven men in leather jackets and with guns behind a belt»

It is necessary to agree with conclusions that “the international criminal organizations understand well how to operate gaps in the field of corporate management and intergovernmental coordination”. And, it is necessary to add, that they remarkably are able to use legal loopholes in the criminal legislation of the most different countries for the most effective operating in the “markets” of sports results manipulations.

What do you think about this proposal? As if from lecture for business managers? Truly, but this business is controlled now (mainly) not by unshaven men in leather jackets and with guns behind a belt. The OECD sounds alarm that illegal match fixing became a piece of huge profits for accurately structured criminal groups both in Europe, and in Asia, South America, Australia.

Extremely rapid development of online bookmaking — especially offshore Asian bookmakers with a possibility of “pouring” of almost unlimited sums and with the widest lines — stimulates criminality to even stronger activity.

In May in the USA several members of group which are specialized in illegal bookmaking on the Internet have been arrested — criminals controlled one of (unnamed) online bookmaker that was registered under offshore jurisdiction of Costa Rica. FBI has published information that the annual turnover of bookmaker had made about $13 million.

But here comes the most interesting thing: besides the arrested “infantrymen”, in sticky pads of justice there was also 56-years-old Eugene “Boopsie” Castelle, one of the high-ranking leaders in so-called ” Lucchese family”. This mafia family for many years is considered to be one of the strongest families of the USA underworld. Castelle was responsible for the regular percent from the income of bookmaker coming to “common fund”. Sources of FBI say that “Boopsie” is directly connected with betting-mafia in Italy which directly controls many local football clubs up to a Series A.

Efforts are breaking on total corruption

Fred Lord, the director on anticorruption efforts and transparency of operations in the International center for safety in the field of sport (ICSS) became one of the authors of the report of OECD. He, in particular, is confident that those “fried” cases when someone is grabed for a hand (or if you want, for a leg in soccer) — a drop in the ocean. “Cases of a manipulation can be much more, than now the public knows” — he claims. What news …. And, according to the expert, the illness has already got on all continents.

And do you know what is the saddest news? Even not sad, but simply threatening with sport “mortality” as honest rivalry of the strongest athletes? The thing is that the organizators of fixed matches parctically always are left in a shadow, noone knows their names.

Bosses of criminal clans have their own budgets on bribery of officials. As they say, “it isn’t necessary to pedal a problem, write your sum on a napkin”. Corruption of the authorities doesn’t allow criminal legislation in the sphere of counteraction to a manipulation with outcomes in sport work effectively. And it is the most powerful stopper on the way to a solution, as it is noted in OECD.

“Efforts of the governments and international sports federations aren’t in time with innovative opportunities of criminals” — authors of the report summarize threateningly .

The shadow lords of the betting-industry (and it is absolutely optional that they are somehow connected with bookmaker business) make huge money on “fixed matches” from Russia to Honduras. In the countries with the high level of corruption among the officials urged to resist to this phenomenon the situation worsens every year.

Now, when any arrangements and bank transactions are reached and fixed for only a few seconds by means of electronic payment service providers , “sport murder” becomes more and more attractive business even for those groups (including regional and ethnic) which were specializing only earlier in brutal crime like weapons or drugs traffic.

Honest football in Eastern Europe and on the Balkans, has already decayed. The stench from this kadavr is inhaled with pleasure by bosses of organized criminal syndicates. With such rates of “progress” these imperceptible guys won’t need “to be soiled” with risky supply of heavy drugs to the countries, or recalculation of the heads of sex slaves, “called on service” from even poorer states any more. Why, when it is possible to make couple of calls to “favourite” trainers and football players , to click several times with a computer mouse then calmly wait for a powerful profit, sitting on a favourite leather sofa and watching “football”?

Vicious circle

Quite recently Chris Eaton, the former head of security service of FIFA, has told in interview to Reuters how powerful became the industry of illegal online bookmaking by means of which organizers of “fixed matches” on the planet “are fed” too.

By means of three largest Asian on-line gambling houses — IBCBET, SBOBET and 188BET — weekly transactions on rates approximately for $2 billion with each are carried out . It is devilishly a lot of money!” — the former ward of Joseph Blatter doesn’t hide emotions.

Asian online bookmakers generate huge money, it is not a secret. But they also assume improbable risks, allowing clients to stake on the websites practically without sums limits. Receiving excess profits at the expense of a turnover, it is naturally, that owners of these giants of the gambling-industry aren’t interested to help investigations concerning any matches with manipulative results at all. For them the principle “money loves silence” predominates over any morals.

And bosses of criminal groups who directly control outcomes of matches of many football clubs, “manual” tennis players or, for example, teams on cricket completely agree with them.

The vicious circle from which exit is meanwhile not visible is seen.

Authors of the report give several steps for a solution of the problem of “fixed matches“. One of the most effective — interstate interaction at the level of ministers and heads of governments according to mutual ban of betting-operators without local licenses.

But the latter, as a rule, are working under offshore jurisdictions, and can spat on any prohibitive attempts of the authorities. The Asian online bookmakers enjoy popularity from the clients from international a betting – “friends” because of total ignoring of laws of economically developed states in the sphere of regulation of gambling business.

The option seeming to be not less perspective — the international pressure upon the authorities of the countries which, actually, in many respects also exist due to registration of the offshore companies (Costa Rica, Malta, Gibraltar and so on). But it is the task which only leaders of the interstate organizations can solve. Here are no implications that “owners of life” got interested in this problem.

The gangrenous area is expanding meanwhile.

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