Merseyside miracle: Liverpool in the Champions League final

Liverpool in the Champions League final

Liverpool has managed to create a sensation on Enfield, having won over Barcelona with the score 4:0. On aggregate the Reds (4:3) got into the Champions League final.

Liverpool is now doing everything to gain victories in two tournaments – the Premier League and the Champions League. Such overstrain has its bad influence on players, especially against the background of the fact that Jurgen Klopp simply has nobody to rotate.

Despite a quite good game in the first semifinal match with Barcelona, Liverpool has missed three times and showed nothing in the attack. But the Catalans’ three shots out of 5 became productive.

Prior to a return leg on the British field bookmaker offices didn’t believe that the Reds would get into a decisive match, proposing large quotations on the fact that Klopp’s team will reach the tournament final. During the last meeting of the championship of England Liverpool won away match over Newcastle with a great difficulty and kept an intrigue in fight for a champion title against Manchester City up to the last round.

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As for home matches within the Champions League, here Liverpool has won in four matches out of five, having managed to won over PSG (3:2), Red Star Belgrade (5:0), Napoli (1:0) and Porto (2:0), having tied with Bayern with the score 0:0. During the return game with the Catalans, Lallana, Salah, Keïta and Firmino won’t partcicipate.

The first semifinal meeting of the Champions League with Liverpool has showed that Barcelona is worthly considered to be the main favourite for the victory in the tournament. Messi’s factor was decisive in that game again.

Two goals scored by Argentina forward together with a goal scored by Suarez helped to crush Liverpool with the score 3:0, having provided a comfortable reserve before going to England. The coaching staff took a meeting with Liverpool in right earnest, having proposed actually reserve line-up for the game of the last round with Celta.

Therefore hardly the defeat from the Celts can be considered to be sensational especially the question with a champion title in the Premier League has already been resolved. Barcelona didn’t lose any of the away meetings of the Champions League, having tied with Inter (1:1) and Lyon (0:0), and having won over Tottenham (4:2), PSV (2:1) and Manchester United (1:0).  Rafinha and Dembélé won’t take part in this match because of trauma.

The meeting on Enfield started violently with a whistle of the chief referee. Hardly two minutes of the game have passed and Robertson, running by Messi, pushed him in a nape. Arbitrators pretended they saw nothing though they could join the game and punish the football player of Liverpool.

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On the 7th minute of the meeting the intrigue has unexpectedly appeared. Alba shot a ball to the penalty area. That was a careless pass on the goalkeeper that was regained by Mané. The ball was sent to Sadio to the penalty area of Catalans to Henderson who shot on Marc-André ter Stegen, but he saved the team by turning the ball nearby aside and precisely on a leg of Origi who from 4 meters scored the goal. 1:0 and Barcelona had to think seriously.

Having missed a goal, the Catalans got considerably nervous and even the simplest situations near the gate began to be felt as some kind of “fire” situations. And on the 11th minute of the meeting Çakır took the first yellow card with which the Turkish referee has cooled Matip, who came behind Suarez and pushed the Uruguayan out of the counterattack of Barcelona. Just few moments after Barcelona could answer with the first dangerous attack.

During which Coutinho received the ball on the left wing. The Brazilian has managed to hold a ball and to pass it on Alba. Alba moved it on Messi who was in time to come running in the attack. Leo beat from the left leg from 14 meters under a crossbeam, but Alisson has managed to react and saved his team in difficult situation.

In less than few minutes Messi was able to shot the rivals’ gate again, however after the pass Alba in the center has slowed a little bit with a shot from advantageous position thanks to what full guards of Liverpool have managed to move forward towards to the Argentinean and blocked his attempt to score the goal.

Barcelona continued to go persistently forward, and in the middle of the first half created another goal attack. Vidal and Messi could scratch a ball in a midfield and began the next counterattack.

The Argentinean won back a ball on the left on Coutinho who from the right leg hit into groundmoves but Alisson stood at attention and saved the team whereas the full guard reacted on follow-up and sent the ball for face on the corner. The team from Merseyside even did not think to sit out in defense and were creating counter attacks at the gate of the rival.

Mané has managed to appear on the left edge of the Barcelona penalty area and then Sadio made incisive cross but got to the guard. The ball jumped aside on Robertson who shot on Marc-André ter Stegen and he coped with his function in gate, having saved the team in difficult situation. In the end of the first half Busquets received a yellow card for Fabinho’s hitting, having finished 45 minutes of the game with minimum advantage of Liverpool.

Liverpool has made some substitutions in the line-up during the break according to which instead of Robertson Wijnaldum has appeared on the field. The hosts rushed forward, having forgotten about defensive actions, over and over again creating scoring chances at the gate of Ernesto Valverde.

On the 51st minute of the meeting Alexander-Arnold gave a pass from the left corner wing to the line of the shooting area from where van Dijk has sent the ball to the gate. Only by miracle MarcAndré has managed to react and saved the team. Rakitiç after some moments has received a warning for handling the ball.

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Ten minutes later after renewal of the game Liverpool has managed to score the second goal in the rival’s gate. Alexander-Arnold has found Wijnaldum who shot on the gate of the rival and Ter Shtegen could not save the team no matter what he did.

Barcelona did not manage to think out the second missed goal as the third goal has been scored. Shaqiri received a ball on the left wing then he gave it to the line of the shooting area where nobody played with Wijnaldum who quietly headed precisely into left “nine” – 3:0 by the 56th minute of a meeting.

Having smelled a rat, Valverde made substitution, having released Semedo instead of Coutinho on the field. Matip on the 66th minute of a match has hooked on Messi’s leg and received a yellow card. And in 15 minutes prior to the end of the game Valverde substituted Vidal with Arthur.

On the 79th minute of the meeting something improbable as it seemed has happened. Liverpool earned the corner kick. Alexander-Arnold saw that lonely Origi was standing on the goalkeeper line. Ter Shtegen went to direct full guards, and Trent has immediately shot on Divock who has managed to drive from the right leg a ball into the left “nine”, having thrown the guest sector of Barcelona fans in deep shock.

In 5 minutes until the end of the meeting Joe Gómez came on the field instead of the author of a double Origi. And Sturridge came on the last minute of the meeting, having substituted Shaqiri.

The referee added five minutes to the main time of the second half for which Barcelona could not score that goal thanks to which it could reach the tournament final. 4:0 and Liverpool is making history, beating Barcelona in response to away 0:3.

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