Messi brought Barcelona a comeback over Real

Messi brought Barcelona a comeback over Real

match demonstrated all that could have pleased any football player
and at the end the victory was won by Catalans – Lionel Messi whose
face was hurt in the first half had scored a winning goal on last

coaches didn’t surprise with first XI and let out those for whom all
were waiting. The inability of Neymar to take part in this match (he
earned 3-match disqualification) was the main reason of fans’
disappointment. Barcelona till last moment did all to cancel it, but
it was useless – the law is the law. Thus extremely unstable Paco
Alcacer who hasn’t yet paid back €30 million which were paid for
him to Valencia last summer had to substitute the Brazilian in the
attack line.

Zinédine Zidane, unlike Luis Enrique has better squad situation –
the French expert could count on all key football players, except for
injured center backs Varane and Pepe but Nacho proved to be the
reliable fighter and made worthy unit in defense with Sergio Ramos.
The royal club has some concerns about Bale who has just recovered
from an injury and was still feeling some discomfort, but
Madrilenians took risk having included the Welshman into the first XI
and lost because Gareth had received a trauma recurrence already
during the first half.

meeting began under the rules of Real. Madrilenians had taken a ball
under the control at once and began to probe into the defenses of
Barcelona in order to find some weak points. The first controversial
point had occurred on the second minute of a match when after a cross
made from the right wing Ronaldo forwarded a ball past Umtiti and
later he felt that he touched a leg of the Frenchman and fall dawn-
the referee didn’t give a penalty kick. He considered that the
Portuguese could not fall in this episode.

Marcelo had kicked Messi's teeth

withstood an attack of the opponent, the Catalans took away a ball
from their gates and a game was leveled. For a long time any
dangerous moments didn’t occur, and the first half ended only with an
unpleasant game episode in which Marcelo had kicked Messi’s teeth
with an elbow, having guaranteed him a quick visit to the dentist’s
office, and also a game with a cotton tampon in a mouth until the end
of a first half in order to control bleeding.

at the end of half an hour of a game time in a first half there
happened a lot of important episodes. At first the Madrilenians had
scored successful corner kick. After standard cross the Catalans
turned a ball away the penalty area, but Marcelo appeared on rebound
and made a goal post cross where Ramos punched in a post, but
Casimiro was the football player who scored a goal. However,
Barcelona wasn’t shocked by this failure, and the score was evened
very quickly. Messi who seemed to be so devastated after this failure
had unexpectedly lifted in spirits and at rushed through the center
into a penalty area of the opponent, deceived two opponents and then
he left no chances for Navas to rescue the gates – 1:1.

ending of a first half was marked by a tasty long ranger from Modric
after which ter Stegen had to save his team, and also the surprising
missed shot of Messi who didn’t kicked a goal a goal box. Just before
a halftime whistle Casimiro had violated the rules on Messi, and
Catalan football players began to attack the referee demanding to
punish the Brazilian with the second yellow card and to leave Real in
minority, but Alejandro Hernández has the nerves of steel and
closed ear to all aggressive words.

second half began very actively – both teams demonstrated their
intentions to win. The excellent long ranger was made by Kroos who
forced ter Stegen to pull out a ball from the gates corner. Soon
after Benzema headed a goal in the gates of their opponent but kicked
the goalkeeper. Catalans answered with their chances – the pass from
Alba went to the center of penalty area on Alcácer, but the pass
wasn’t strong and Navas cleared a ball with his leg in the field,
and then Piqué after a corner kick dangerously punched the header
but Navas dragged a ball after his kick.

the middle of a second half it was Cristiano Ronaldo who answered
with his “wonderful” failure – after Asencio had passed a ball
over the gates. For such a failure Real could have been punished by
Suarez who kicked a ball from a right wing of penalty area but Navas
had managed to help his team due to difficult save. Practically each
attack of the teams was coming to an end with a shot on gates and
often these kicks were dangerous. It was clear that the game won’t
end with the score 1:1 and one football player will eventually help
the team to move forward at last. Ivan Rakitić became that lucky
player-he made a brilliant shot under the left post from the penalty

furious Real had rushed to the attack to change this situation but
the team wasn’t able to score a return goal. And one of
counterattacks of Barcelona had ended with a dirty slide tackle made
by Sergio Ramos against Messi – the Argentinean had managed to save
his legs and to avoid severe injury but this didn’t save the captain
of Real from the red card.

Captain of Real from the red card

looked like Real had nothing to do. Barcelona had rushed to end the
opponent and it seemed that rather Catalans will score the third
goal, than Real will even the score. Practically all were nervous,
except Zidane who was very quiet. He called up James Rodríguez,
slowly gave him instructions and the football player returned to the
field. And the Colombian became the savior of the royal club. He
appeared to be in due time and in the right place shortly before the
match end having closed a pass from the left wing made by Marcelo.

had rushed to pull out a victory, but on the last minute of added
time Real had missed the counterattack, and a pass on Messi ended
with a shot from the penalty area into a lower left corner – 2:3.
Barcelona is aggravating a fight for a championship title in La Liga,
being evened with Real on points, but the team has one more match

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