Messi has bribed the Chinese government: hot rumors of this week

Messi has bribed the Chinese government

has bribed the Chinese government

remains to be one of the most corrupted countries of the world. The
Argentina forward of Barcelona Lionel Messi was able to make sure of
it. In 2015 Lionel wished to build the park and give it his own name
outside Argentina and Spain. Of course, Lionel wanted to place not
only swings but also thematic football gadgets at his park. By means
of the star sponsor who is also the designer of the park Messi wanted
to increase his profit – all income from amusement park eventually
goes to his pocket.

was thinking about the USA, Italy, China and Australia for
the place of his park. As a result the Chinese option has won where
Lionel managed to agree with the power authorities very quickly. The
rental value of the place was higher, than in Australia and Italy but
Chinese offered protection against lawlessness of government
officials. However, Messi has won the tender procedure for area under
construction dishonestly. Chine says that Lionel “put into an
envelope” a certain sum of money thanks to what the Celestial
Empire gave a green light to Messi’s investments.

for a long term

pages of the history of Bayern are connected with a name of the coach
of the Munich club Jupp Heynckes. It seemed that after leaving of old
cap Jupp his coach’s days are forever gone but Munich has obviously
lost with two expensive foreign coaches. Both Josep Guardiola that
Carlo Ancelotti didn’t cope with their duties and if the Catalan
coach was allowed to work for the whole period then Ancelotti was
dismissed at the beginning of season 2017/18 after a great defeat
from PSG in the Champions League.

the 9th
of October Jupp Heynckes will become the new head coach of the team.
Together with his coaching staff Heynckes will officially work in
team till June, 2018 but actually Bayern won’t miss with Heynckes
till 2020. The Munich bosses pronounced the words of gratitude to the
coach and are ready to offer him the contract, favorable to all

is choosing the head coach

has lost to Roma and Milan is choosing the head coach. Vincenzo
Montella not only forces all to doubt in his professionalism but also
demonstrates other side of his human qualities. In particular, some
online news concerning the dismissal of the coach on physical
training has been posted. At the same time the dismissed person was
Montella’s colleague. Say that thus Montella wants to be good for the

are choosing the new head coach in Milanello. The list of potential
challengers includes Marcello Lippi, Fabio Capello, Carlo Ancelotti,
Antonio Conte. The latter will be the most modern step of the club
management. Ancelotti’s return, perhaps, will create effect of
nostalgia. After dismissal from Bayern the time of trouble came for
Father Carlo. It is absolutely unclear, what is the physical form of
an owner of the Champions League and also the champion of a number of
national tournaments. The Milan past of Ancelotti haunts those who
watch not only the news from the world of football but also feels
nostalgic about the golden past of “Rossoneri”.

without the championship

British BBC informs, the FIFA World Cup of 2022 has all chances not
to be held in Qatar. The reason is the same as usual; the conflict of
Qatar with the neighbors, very powerful countries.

at the moment is thinking about several options of the country-host
of the FIFA World Cup. Representatives of Saudi Arabia, the UAE,
Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt and Mauritania have already addressed to the
International Football Federation. Charges to Qatar are based on one
strong version – support of world terrorism.

will remind that the FIFA World Cup-2022 has to be held from the 21st
of November till the 18th
of December in seven cities of Qatar.

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